1981 Ducati 900 SSD, Part #2 Addendum

Posted by Scot Wilson on

As a follow up to my blog post from yesterday, I wanted to add some information as it related to the strategy of my pricing. I see many used or "project" bikes coming up for sale for less than my 900 SSD. However, with a used motorcycle, there is always the uncertainty of the ultimate condition of the machine. These motorcycles are still decades old and made originally with decades old technology. 

I also contacted a very notable restoration shop in Europe that restored two Ducati 900 SSD's and they were happy to share what they had sold their bikes for. Both motorcycles were restored and one sold for 21,000 Euro's and the other for 25,000 Euro's. I was also contacted by a gentleman here in the US who purchased a project 900 SSD for $7500 but shared with me that he had already spent just shy of $12,000 in its restoration. As an aside for those of us in the US, the Ducati 900 SSD was available only on a limited basis here. Yet ideal for the US market as it is an outstanding long distance rider's machine and very capable for "2-up".

My pricing is not intended to be shocking or insulting. However, there was an incredible amount of time, money and expertise that went into this build. We have done everything to ensure reliability and enjoyment of ownership with regard to this 1981 Ducati Super Sport 900 SSD. Ultimately, the end result of any sales transaction is the arrival of a price that a "willing buyer and willing seller" can agree upon. To that end, I am happy to review the acquisition price, labor and spare parts costs that drive the value of this restored motorcycle and I can be contacted at italianiron@msn.com. 

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  • Thank you Tony as your comments really resonate as you are a real expert in the field. Unless the potential buyer of a vintage motorcycle is only interested in a “glorified paperweight” to sit and stare at in a private study or living room, then it truly is “buyer beware”. For that individual who is going to ride their vintage motorcycle, knowing the extent of the build and the warranty that accompanies that build is critical. The majority of “perfect” or “fully restored” all needed something. The basic logic is that “one gets what they pay for” and it is a Value Add.

    Scot P. Wilson on
  • Nice explanation Scot. Speaking as a restorer of these bikes, it’s difficult for others to appreciate the time that goes into “getting it right”.

    If I was your average man in the street, with limited technical expertise in the subject of bevel Ducatis, I would much rather pay a premium and be assured that that is where the outlay ended, than to get a “bargain” and then have to start spending, let alone being at the mercy of “experts” who charge to learn on one’s machine.

    Tony Hannagan on

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