8th Annual Tucson Vintage Motorcycle Riders Show-2017

Posted by Scot Wilson on

I am very proud of the fact that yesterday, my 1981 Ducati SuperSport SSD won Best in Class. This is a bit surprising as I also took my 1982 Ducati 900 SuperSport Mike Hailwood Replica in its red and green 1979 TT livery as well. Regardless, I am so pleased that a Ducati Bevel Drive 900 Desmo streetbike and a Darmah model won. 

It is very pleasing to receive the accolades from real Vintage Motorcycle aficionados as well as the general public. Ian Falloon is so correct that the Ducati 900 SSD was a very successful motorcycle for the Bologna factory in terms of styling, performance and as a Sport extension of the very popular and successful Darmah model line. 

It is not surprising that the Darmah Bevel Drive model range was so successful and popular. It is first and foremost a Ducati Bevel Drive with a significant engineering pedigree and a successful racing heritage. This SuperSport Darmah has the big 900 SS Desmo engine with all of that useable torque. 

The colour pallet and streamlined bodywork make this Ducati Bevel Drive stunning visually. It is also an extremely capable performer and amazingly comfortable. Yes, it is heavier than the lithe Ducati 900 ss or 900 ss MHR, but is amazingly purpose build for the road. I can imagine taking this bike on long road trips with ease.

One can always find the Ducati's with their brilliant and distinct colour schemes. However, Bill Lambert's BMW R90S was quite a "show-stopper" as well. 

The Burnt Orange Sun-Burst looked great in the early morning Tucson, Arizona sun!! We are fortunate that their is a large and talented group of technicians, restorers  and painters that keep these beautiful Vintage Motorcycles alive and on the road.


Thanks to Mick and the entire Tucson Vintage Motorcycle Organization for another great event. Next year we will have a couple of Ducati TT racer projects completed as well as the Biggelaar-Italian Iron collaborative effort (or Bii-Rad) Cafe Racer with an ultra light frame but ultra powerful specialty Ducati engine. See you next year!!

Do not forget that this beautiful 1981 Ducati 900 Super Sport SSD is for sale as I did promise my wife that I would "thin the heard". Take this opportunity to pick up a magnificent Ducati Bevel Drive 900 Desmo. 


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  • Congratulations on your win, the SSD 900 is definitely a beautiful motorcycle.
    I’ve owned one here in Australia since 1989, it too is a trophy winner with 27 awards gathered between 1991 and 2017.
    Even though l have a much younger ltalian model sitting in the shed l still love riding my SSD whenever l get the chance.

    Brett Muir on

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