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Italian Iron Classics, LLC would like to announce that we will be a provider of specialty Ducati Superbike race and Bevel Drive engines built and set-up by Biggleaar Performance. It is remarkable how time does fly and it has been just over 10 years since I was introduced to Toine Biggelaar of Biggelaar Performance in Oisterwijk, The Netherlands. It was then that I purchased my first Ducati 996 rs Superbike with the engine that Toine had built. 

Since then, we have been fortunate to work with this Third Generation Ducati dealership of racers on Ducati Bevel Drive projects such as the Ducati 900 Super Sport SSD. That engine started without using any choke and on the first push of the starter motor and is a magnificent machine.

We are also working jointly on our current Bii-Rad Racer. This custom racer has a specialty built & tuned ST3 engine (one of Ducati's lightest engines) in a Ducati 848 Superbike chassis which is one of the factories lightest frames in a Dutch Orange & Blue color scheme. I do believe that we will be at 325 lbs. wet.

Toine's racebike build expertise is well known in the UK and Europe, however, we wish to offer a means to provide his expertise in the US marketplace as we have crates traveling back and forth to Europe. When I was working on rebuilding one of the Reve RedBull Ducati 996 rs British Superbike racers, it was Toine who found the engine and rebuilt it to factory specifications. 

There are always a great many specialty projects at Biggelaar Performance. Customers come from all over Europe and the UK with their Ducati twins for specialty work whether for race or street. On our last visit to Holland in September 2017, it was remarkable to see how customer's Ducatis were treated to the Royal Dutch treatment as bikes were placed on a lift for a tune, an exhaust or component upgrade, or for a dyno run and back out to the customer all in the same day. 

Racing has been at the heart of Biggelaar Performance and the Biggelaar family. In addition to Toine, his father and grandfather were successful Dutch racers. In their shop in Oisterwijk is a picture frame of a few photos from those race years. 

Toine is not only a gifted engine builder but having been a racer he knows what performance features that he needs to get out of the Ducati twin power plant. In this way he is putting theory into application with that insight that only a racer can have. (Seen below: Nothing like meeting the man, himself, Troy Bayliss at Assen!)

Putting theory into practice at the track is what fueled my passion for racing as well, despite my not having Toine's technical expertise.  It is not just turning a wrench at the track but finding that big improvement that allows for greater confidence which translates into better performance which is at the core of going faster. Bigger modifications do not always result in going faster. Sometimes, they just make you crash biggly!

Biggelaar Performance has also fostered some very talented racers like Sveti Alexandrov who piloted the first B-Rad successfully using the ST3 engine against the 1098 R's winning numerous races against stiff competition. Erik Plucker who is pictured below carried on the racing successes for Team Biggelaar winning his European Championship in 2013 on a speciality built 998S. 

Toine also refined his racing and building successes when working with Pepo, the original founder of Radical Ducati. That effort was the first B-Rad Racing. 

The world of racing and Ducati Racing Passion makes for a truly a small world. International shipping rates also contribute to use different gifted engine builders throughout the world. I can attest to my deep satisfaction with both 996 rs engines that Toine built, the ST3 engine for our joint Bii-Rad race project and for Jan Biggelaar who returns from retirement to keep the Bevel and Pantah engines alive!! Or perhaps a trip to the beautiful lake country of Southern Holland is in order as it is very much worth the trip!


Stay tuned as Toine shares more with regard to his Punisher project! Always another day of excitement finding more power and getting it effectively to the ground. For inquiries on shipping rates, please e-mail me.  









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