Finishing Stages for our Ducati Pantah 650 Racer Project

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At Italian Iron Classics, LLC when we work on a build, we start with a vision such as the #22 racer from "Firenze", Italy. We always work to maintain the "spirit" or "soul" of the bike while enhancing it with the best in modern components. We are so fortunate to work with Jim and his team at Two Wheel Classics-UK and with those extremely high quality bits that we now offer. The Pantah racer bodywork, fuel tank and windscreen are all items that we have in stock. 

The other philosophy that we embrace here at Italian Iron Classics is to take a Moto Morini approach to showing off the engine with the least amount of clutter and wiring possible. We also make our own wiring looms/harnesses to ensure greater reliability through using modern components and we make all of our own brackets to more efficiently locate all of the electrical components. 

Upgrading a marginal original electrical system with Dyna coils and other upgrades, we take full advantage of the space under the rear seatbase to mount our race battery that we share with our Ducati TT 2. Voltage regulator hangs under our aluminum bracket to keep it in the air flow. Ala Moto Morini, from mounting all of the electrical components and wiring along the top frame rails and under the seat, we end up with a neater and cleaner profile. 

The next effort is to create a racer for the street. First, we mount our stainless-steel 2:1 exhaust from TWC and then focus on the bodywork. As our state only requires a headlamp and taillight, we need to work on an effective rear fender/mudguard even though it really does not rain much here in the Sonoran Desert. However, all of our bikes will be available for purchase and we do accommodate future needs of that customer in all of our builds. 

We ended up using a Rear Shock Shroud from TWC which works beautifully even on this stock Ducati SL frame with our Verlicchi mono-shock swingarm from a Ducati F1. Rake and Trail numbers are standard Ducati measurements. 

TWC seat pad kit completes our seatbase and our Pantah 650 Racer is beginning to look the part. Other than the "beefy" vintage Showa front end, this bike is so light and is so easy to move around!! I am looking forward to taking this bike up our mountain roads on a Ducati Club ride as it should be extremely "flickable" and a blast to ride!!

We also added a TWC rear caliper carrier with modified torque arm to fit our street frame. With our inventory of specialty race bits, there are no limitations to your race applications and inspirations!!

Mounted an OEM fairing from a Ducati 500 Pantah but now in Yellow on Red colors. It was nice to have rescued this piece from the elements as it is solid and looks great. The TWC Pantah tank and seat are sculptured perfectly to display the Ducati Desmo engine that is at the heart of this bike. TWC 2:1 stainless steel exhaust further compliments our Ducati Pantah Racer.  

Currently waiting on an Electronic Dual Speedometer/Tachometer gauge from Speedhut where the speedometer is driven by GPS and not a speedo drive and cable. Tach wires directly into the electrical system. Every effort is being made to keep this build as clean as possible and to maximize the best power:weight ratios possible. Once complete, we will be back to completing our Ducati TT 1000 and start the build of our Ducati TT1.



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