Ducati 851 Customer Project Completion

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We are using this time dealing with the global pandemic to work on the completion of projects to include our customer Ducati 851 S with 996 engine transplant. It has taken a lot of work and expertise to rewire an entire motorcycle. However, we do feel good with the result as it was done to the customer's specifications. There is carbon fiber throughout the project and it made putting the front cockpit challenging as we are using a Corse front cowling and Corse-style carbon fiber air intakes after re-purposing the original front subframe. As a result of the tightness of squeezing all components into the front cockpit, we had to make many custom adjustments as well as making new brake lines to work in this configuration. We also built the dash to house a Speedhut Dual Speedo/Tacho gauge with the original Veglia temperature gauge and with the dash lights along the base of the dash. 


This Ducati 851 S started life with the original 851 bodywork and a bi-posta seat base that we changed with an aluminum rear monoposta subframe and seat base for a Ducati 888. These panels came with the original Fast by Ferracci decals from when the FBF team won the AMA Superbike Championship in 1994. Those decals are a nice touch to a 1990's Ducati Superbike. Fuel tank with the white and black decals are from the original 1992 Ducati 851 S that work so well with the corresponding white & black side panel Ducati decals. We used the original front red fender/mudguard as it was in great condition but this machine was purchased with a nice carbon fiber rear fender/mudguard. What cannot be seen is a Ducati 888 Corse-style engine case breather box. These Termignoni's already sounded great but with the liter sized, 996 cc engine and breathing through the engine case breather box, this set-up will bring out the best in engine performance and will liven up even more of that glorious exhaust note from our big Ducati twin cylinder engine!!

It never fails that when we do a particular custom build that we find "surprises" as the previous owner had placed a 530 chain on 520 sprockets. It was also necessary to swap out the original Ducati 851 swingarm as the previous owner had not checked the torque on the bolts that hold the rear sprocket as they had "backed-out" and created a massive gouge in the original swingarm. Luckily I had another swingarm in stock. However, the most interesting situation that we encountered occurred when we could not take off the front calipers without taking the rotors off of the 3 spoke Brembo wheels. Luckily our customer wanted my set of 5 spoke Marchesini's that had been powder-coated with a specialty dual-coat gold. 5 spoke wheels look so good in my opinion and it is only necessary to shave a little bit off of the rear caliper carrier to get the spacing correct when remounting the rear wheel with new rubber. The 5 spoke front wheel mounted without any issues. All good to go!! 

Ducati 996 S4R engine with carbon fiber belt and clutch covers sounds great and is only limited by the quality of the microphone on my I Phone. Engine exhaust note will only improve when this special Ducati 851 S is run at pace by the customer and after he picks it up. Now it is time to get back to our Ducati TT 1100 project, Ducati F1 project with BCM 944 cc race engine  and a John Player Norton 850. Stay tuned. 

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