Defining our Mission at ItalianIron Classics, LLC

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Italian Iron Classics, LLC was created as a means to share a passion for riding, racing and restoring Vintage Racing and Race Replica motorcycles. Over the past 30 plus years, I have spent time mostly restoring projects for myself on a hobby basis. Now I am focusing on buying/selling, restoring and shipping motorcycles and motorcycle parts internationally.

Our focus is the Ducati brand but just recently we added a Brit Iron Classics effort as a compliment to Italian Iron Classics, LLC since I started with Brit bikes many, many years ago. However, the Ducati fits me the best from my Spaggiari 750 ss Bevel Drive racer (featured as the company logo) to my 2001 John Reynolds title winning Reve RedBull Ducati 996rs. I love the Bevel Drive Ducati's and my Ducati 900 ss Mike Hailwood Replica is my favorite street bike. Additionally, I also love the "long stroke" 996 engines that along with a 748 rs and the Bevel Drive 750, I raced in amateur events here in the US. 

We are very fortunate to work in collaboration with other talented racers, tuners and parts suppliers. BIggelaar Specialty Performance, a 3rd generation Ducati specialty builder in Holland and ItalianIron Classics have worked on numerous projects from a 996 rs, Bevel Drive 900's/750's and most recently an ultra-light, high-horse-power Ducati Cafe Racer. (I will be posting about that project shortly) We also offer specialty parts from Ducati Kamna and Silver Fish Racing. Malcolme Tunstall of Syd's Cycles is talented racer, tuner and engine builder in the US who I am happy to say is also a friend and great resource. 

As I have felt the pain of needing that one spare part that would complete a concourse restoration or to get that machine ready for the track, I have twice purchased inventories of Vintage Ducati spare parts. Our current inventory was recently purchased from Jan Biggelaar's Square Case Bevel Drive inventory and early Pantah bits. I am going to be posting the engine cases, heads, barrels, bevel gear sets and transmission gears. I also have 35 engine cranks and the early electric starter motors for the Bevel Drives. 

As a business, there is always a capital investment made and we need to recoup our investment. Do know that on this site, I have made it so that you can purchase that spare part that you need or if you think that I am wrong with my pricing than you can make an offer. Karma does work. Therefore, please understand that we are a business with overhead expenses. However, I am always interested in helping and working to a Win:Win. 

If you need something, please e-mail. If we do not have it, then let me reach out to my international and US domestic sources to see what can be found. In my opinion, it is critical to keep these historical and significant pieces of race art on the road/track. What has always inspired me about the Ducati brand is their famous race passion. Historically they have been "the David to the Goliath" of the Japanese motorcycle industry and before that, the British motorcycle industry.  If you are inspired about performance, heritage and racing passion, then I hope that you will stay in touch as we grow.

Lastly, I have a great deal of shipping experience and in dealing with Customs and other Governmental Agencies. We can assist in shipping whole motorcycles or crates/boxes. I will elaborate on another post. 

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