Ducati 900 ss MHR Loves the 38 mm SmartCarb Flat Slides-Update

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My 1981 Ducati 900 ss MHR loves our 38 mm SmartCarb flat-slides from Technology Elevated. I have written numerous blog posts about our successes in doing research & developement for the factory. We had reported an average 8% increase in bhp (at the rear wheel) over our baseline setting with our 40 mm DelOrtos in the 1 March and 17 March 19 blog posts. Additionally, we also included some updated information on our 1981 Ducati 900 ss MHR Bevel Drive on the 15 June 19 blog post as well. 

Now that our "winter" is over in the desert and temperatures are becoming more compliant, we are getting back to doing more R&D on our SmartCarbs. As engine builders know, "the healthier the engine, the leaner the carb settings can be". I bought this engine from Kent Jornevall and know what a talented engine builder he is and know how "healthy" this engine is. On the March 2019 Blog Posts we had made large strides in creating a baseline after working through 140 different settings as we really wanted to understand the depth and breadth of adjustment from these flat-slide carbs. However, we had arrived at #11 metering rods and 86 clicks after initially starting with #5 metering rods and thought that the analysis was completed. However, after the last dyno runs, we thought that we could perhaps go a little leaner. 


On our last visit to Evan Steel Performance, we tested our theory. We are now using #13 metering rods and 84 clicks of adjustment. With a dyno, lamda sensor, or a "hand-held" dyno (TM) that Michael Arnott in Australia is developing, getting these carbs set is amazingly easy. However, when riding on our test track, we also found it very easy to stop, make an adjustment and get back on the bike to test that latest adjustment as it only took seconds. As a result of our efforts, we found an additional 5% of additional BHP gains that all came from the top end of the rev range for a total improvement in performance of 13% off of the baseline created using the 40 mm DelOrto's. Now this engine pulls brilliantly from idle and all the way up through to the very top of the rev range.

In conclusion, we continue to be very smitten with the quality of these billet SmartCarb Flat Slide carbs and amazed at the 13% increase in performance achieved and the ease of use of these carbs. They have totally transformed my 900 ss Bevel Drive engine into a "Beast"!! As mentioned in earlier blog posts, the benefit of the SmartCarbs is a 30% saving in fuel consumption, 6 to 14% improvement in HPadaptability to altitude and other atmospheric changes, ease of adjustment and 80% less hydrocarbon emissions. However, ease of adjustment and tuning is a very significant benefit of using our SmartCarb flat-slide carbs over other brands. Come and experience the "pinnacle of carburetor technology" at Italianiron.com.

The next blog posts will discuss the tuning of our Ducati 750 cc Race Engine in our beautiful Blue on Red TT 1 Racer for street and track. Feel free to contact me at italianiron@msn.com or I use What's App with mobile number: 520-730-7576


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