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At Italianiron & BritIron Classics, let us "Fuel Your Race Passions" is not just a slogan but a commitment, whether you are building a vintage TT, F1 or Pantah racer for competition or restoring a Norton Commando or Manx racer. We are also quite smitten with the Tri-Colore colour schemed livery as found on the Ducati F1B and our Ducati 851 Tri-Colore builds in the famous Green, White and Red of the Italian flag. "Let one flag, one hope gather us all,” wrote Goffredo Mameli in 1847 about his beloved country! We love the race passion that the Italian colors inspire!! Shown below is our Ducati F1 Tri-Colore fairings that are available for the street or for the racetrack. I have adjusted the price down from the TWC rates to more favorable pricing for our Ducati F1 bodywork items and complete kits. Further, any of our bodywork kits can be made in carbon fiber. Contact me at Italianiron7@gmail.com for more details. 



Thank you all for the kind words with regard to my recent shoulder surgery. The doctors at the Veterans Administration are brilliant and I am well on the mend. I will be able to lose this restrictive sling after the first few days of February. I am getting exited to get back to fulfilling customer orders. We also offer two different Seat Bases for the Ducati F1 and those seat bases are available manufactured in fiberglass or carbon fiber (for an additional fee). Further, the race seat base does not have an indentation for a tail light. Our street seat base does have the indentation for the taillight like the OEM factory item. Do know that all of our Ducati F1 bodywork is made of quality fiberglass that is made from the higher quality fiberglass matting and not the substandard chopped strand material. Our bodywork pieces are identical copies of the original factory items. We also have some refurbished OEM Ducati F1 factory bodywork in stock and available through our Italianiron.com website. 



A big seller for us is our wide range of clear plexiglass windscreens. I love using our windscreens as they are high quality items but with a soft, pliable but strong structure. There is a windscreen manufacturer here in the US where I have ordered windscreens in the past. On every order and application, I have had to use a heat-gun to mount that manufacturer's windscreens. Hopefully their manufacturing processes have improved but they remain very expensive in comparison to our windscreens. Whether working on one of our Ducati Pantah's, TT racers or Ducati F1 racers, I find that no heat-gun is required and that the mounting of our windscreen is quite easy to accomplish. We also offer the same quality windscreens for Norton Commandos such as the Dunstall Norton, the Norvil Norton and John Player Norton's with the same ease of application. 



Our Ducati F1 racers love the power and performance enhancements from our SmartCarb flat-slide carbs that flow into our 2:1 stainless steel or titanium exhaust systems. I have written 14 blog posts on the massive successes that we have had with replacing DelOrto's, Mikuni and Keihan carburetors on different vintage and modern Ducati engines with SmartCarb2 flat-slides. SmartCarbs are truly the pinnacle in advanced carburetor technology and in my opinion makes fuel injection obsolete for 2 and 3 valve Ducati engines that do not rev over 10k RPM. Shown below is a favorite video provided by master engine builder, Toine van den Biggelaar whose family have been experts in the field of Ducati race engine performance as a third generation Ducati dealer and now focus on specialty race engine performance exclusively. We supplied the SmartCarb's to Toine in addition to our stainless steel exhaust for his customer's racing TT2. It is great that both Toine and his customer are very pleased with the performance results as I never tire of listening to his video! Shown below is our link for SmartCarbs and our stainless steel exhaust. 




At Italianiron BritIron Classics, we offer a wide spectrum of race quality spares for the Ducati TT, Pantah, F1 racers as well as for the Norton Manx and Norton Commando racers. We also have a large amount of OEM items for vintage Ducati's and Nortons. Check out our Italianiron.com website for Ducati, TT, Molnar Manx and BritIron bits. We remain committed to supporting the world of Vintage Motorcycle Racing as well as to supporting those specialty bike builders as a supplier of quality chassis, bodywork and specialty racing spare parts. As mentioned before, at Italianiron.com, let us "Fuel Your Race Passions" is not just a slogan but a commitment whether you are building a vintage TT racer for competition, a Ducati F1 vintage street bike or a classic Norton Commando or Manx

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