Ducati TT 1000 Racer by Italian Iron Classics and w/SmartCarb Flat-Slide Carbs

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We are very excited that our Ducati TT 1000 Racer build is complete and that this "Beast" loves to "Roar" through its 36 mm SmartCarb Flat-Slide carbs. We will be taking our TT 1000 to the dyno later in the week when Corey Dyess, Founder/Executive for Technology Elevated arrives in Tucson for some joint collaboration and sharing of data between the factory and our team at Italian Iron Classics. 

Additionally, as the US & Canadian Dealer for Two Wheel Classics-UK, this project has allowed us to be very "hands-on" with every aspect of using these speciality built TT race parts. I am very impressed with the quality of the TWC bits and I am told that the frames are faithful copies of Tony Rutter's F2 World Championship winning machines. As Jim Blomley and Tony Rutter have been long time friends, Tony is photographed in front of Jim's Two Wheel Classics shop. 

Two Wheel Classics-UK manufactures items such as our chrome-moly TT frames and Silver on Red Bodywork Kits. This is the TT 900 frame that we use on the larger capacity modern Ducati twins. In addition to those notable items TWC manufactures billet adjustable yokes/triple clamps, clip-on's, rear-sets, rear caliper carriers & torque arms, and 2:1 Stainless or Titanium exhaust systems for the vintage Pantah or the modern Paso styled belt driven engines. 

As a result, we at Italian Iron Classics and as a dealer for Two Wheel Classics-UK can help you to "Fuel Your Race Passions" with bits, builds or complete Pantah Racer or TT 2, 1 & 900 kits. Additionally, we are dealers for YSS shocks, Scitsu gauges, Marvic and Campagnola wheels to name a few. My desire was to build a Ducati TT Racer but with a modern 2 Valve per cylinder Desmo, Dual-Plug 1000 cc Ducati S2R engine but with carburetors. It prompted the question as to what brand? The answer after some exhaustive research is the SmartCarb Flat-Slide carb by Technology Elevated. 


As discussed in earlier blog posts, we did our research testing a range of 140 settings available on the SmartCarbs mounted on our 1981 Ducati 900 ss MHR Bevel Drive and the results were outstanding. We achieved more Power/Performance, Fuel Economy, Impressive Altitude Adaptability and a significant Reduction in Hydro-Carbon Emissions! Dyno runs proved the superiority of the 38 mm SmartCarbs with linear power delivery over the 40 mm Dellorto's "coughing and sputtering" up the Rev Range. See blog post #2 with Dyno chart. The SmartCarbs never faltered. Yet, how were they going to perform on a large capacity, modern Ducati Twin? 


The inlet ports of our Ducati 1000 cc Monster engine are 35 mm and we decided that due to the efficiency of the SmartCarbs that we could use 36 mm SmartCarbs. In this configuration, we significantly reduced the effect of turbulence in our configuration which created great "flow" of the fuel mixture. This is a better result than would be experienced using a 40 mm carb on 35 mm inlets. Corey Dyess, Founder of SmartCarb agreed with our assessment and as this engine revs to 9000 rpm, he knew that the carbs would keep pace with the consumption of the Air/Fuel mixture required by our big Twin. Corey added that only if the engine revs significantly higher would there be a need for a larger SmartCarb. It is also our belief that our Bevel Drive would be sufficiently served with the use of the 36 mm SmartCarbs!

The only modification needed in our application was that we did cut/re-weld our Malossi manifold (above) that we get from Malcolme Tunstall at Syd's Cycles to better position our SmartCarb on the horizontal/front cylinder. As a result, our 1000 cc engine loves our 36 mm SmartCarbs in a neat, efficient package between the cylinder heads. Engine electronics is maintained by an ECU from Biggelaar Performance

We were very excited at the initial start-up but we could tell that we were running "rich" as illustrated in the video above. We made one change in the metering rod and the result is below. 

We will be posting and reporting our dyno work in collaboration with the factory this week as we are all excited about our joint efforts to make the SmartCarb by Technology Elevated a significant application in the enhancement of both vintage and modern Ducati engines. 

Stay tuned as progress continues on our TT 1 with 750 cc Ducati Twin. Once complete, we will start a build with a Pro Thunder BCM built 944 cc Superport race engine from Team Wreckless and then a TT 1100.

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