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As the US dealer for Two Wheel Classics-UK, our first "hybrid" (modern/vintage) TT Racer is complete. Now that we have had time with it on the Dyno, it is time to talk about what we have created. I believe that this TT Racer will be the "Flag Ship" for us in the US marketplace. At Italian Iron Classics, our philosophy has always been to maintain the "Soul" of the vintage bike while updating performance & safety enhancements with modern components. In summary, our TT 1000 uses a modern 2007 Ducati 1000 cc Monster S2R engine in our TWC chrome-moly TT frame and with other TWC billet items. Our TT 1000 can be built for Racing, "Spirited" Track Days or for the Street with our new street bike kits!!

What I believe that we have created is a true "two-valve" (per cylinder) "Superbike". How can I state this you may ask? How can an air-cooled engine with carburetors even be considered in the class of a Superbike? Firstly, our bike is not as heavy as a modern Superbike that uses a radiator cooling system for the larger race engines which in turn requires larger frame and components like found on my 01 Reve RedBull Ducati 996 rs for example.

It was interesting to note that when we weighed our bike, it was 342 lbs (155 kg) "wet" which is 50 lbs.(23 kg) "less" than the Ducati 1000 S2R street bike! The Ducati factory has published that the 1000 S2R engine puts out 95 HP @7500 RPM. The effective balance of power and weight, historically is what made the first TT 2 (and "sister-bike") so successful in Formula 2 when ridden by Tony Rutter to 4 World Championships. The excitement of racing for me is to witness the technological advances made by each team and manufacturer as they work tirelessly to find ever more performance and greater horse-power.

In racing, the evolution of a racing machine is ultimately maximizing "Power to Weight Ratios". When on the track, I do know the exhilaration that comes with the massive acceleration of a Ducati Corse engine that is producing 184 bhp at the rear wheel. This experience is remarkable from a nearly 400 lb Ducati Superbike even with all of its carbon fiber and magnesium bits. When I took out our TT 1000 on a small test track, I was experiencing close to that same level of exhilaration from the acceleration of this package due to its phenomenal Power:Weight ratio despite there being almost half the of HP of my Ducati 996 rs racebike. Our TT 1000 is a real treat to ride without the stress of a Corse engine which is built for the business purposes of winning races only. 

This Ducati 1000 cc S2R engine is a brilliant 2-valve engine with loads of Torque and "raw" Horse Power. The 95 claimed HP by the factory was utilized extremely well when we got to the track. However, I really love the performance of this bike so much, I may wish to add an endurance style headlamp system and tail light so that I can ride it on the street as well as the track!!

Our parent company, Two Wheel Classics-UK makes wiring looms that can be used for our TT Road & Track specials. We have an electrical "wizard" in Bill Eley here at Italian Iron Classics who makes our wiring looms from scratch and with "plug-in's" for lights. We also make VIN plates to satisfy DMV. A TT 1000 Superbike/Streetbike is very tempting to contemplate!!!

For that discerning Ducatisti who truly wants something unique, you may seriously consider building/owning your own Ducati TT Race Bike for the street or track with our guidance or we can assist you with your build. We will have our bikes at the Vendor tent at the World Superbike event at Laguna Seca this July 2019 where you can see our builds up close. 

Seen above is Corey Dyess, CEO of Technology Elevated who makes the SmartCarb Flat-Slide Carbs for our Ducati's. These billet carbs are made in the US and we will have information on this Flat Slide technology at Laguna Seca as well. We remain truly amazed at the technology, ease of tuning, and massive performance of these flat-slide carbs on our Ducati Bevels, Pantah/F1 Belt Drives and our modern 1100, 1000 and 900 Monster/Supersports. 

Progress continues on our Blue on Red, Ducati TT 1 for the street which will be ready for Laguna Seca as well. Here we are using a TWC front cowling/fairing with recesses for two small LED headlights and rear taillight. Fortunately, the state of Arizona does not require turn signals so that we can keep the profile of our TT 1 Racer as sleek as possible. However, we do have the capability within our wiring looms to accommodate turn signals if your state or country requires it. Let us "Fuel Your Race Passions" at Italian Iron Classics!!  

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