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At Italianiron/BritIron Classics, it is our hope that all of our followers and the members of our readership are persevering our international health crisis safely. We also want to thank all of our customers worldwide for your purchases of our TT & F1 frames, bodywork kits and especially our aluminum updated TT 900 "shallow sump" fuel tanks for modern Ducati twin cylinder engines. This updated aluminum fuel tank is in addition to our portfolio of aluminum and fiberglass TT 2 and TT 1 "deep sump" fuel tanks. Shown above is a recently completed TT 1 with Ducati 750 cc race-prepped, dual plugged engine alongside our TT 1000 DS as both racers utilize these fuel tanks. The TT 900 fuel tank on my TT 1 has the new design with the aero fuel cap closer to the front of the tank and shown below before painting in the beautiful blue on red livery. 

Both of our TT Racers,  TT1 & TT 1000 machines have recently been wired to perform legally on the street in addition to the track. Molnar Precision LTD (Two Wheel Classics) has done a great job in keeping up with the demand for our products! Now we are excited to announce the production of our Ducati Pantah Rear Cylinder heads that are currently available for the 500 cc and 750 cc engines. We are excited that our first batch of cylinder heads are already sold out. However, the next batch is already in process and done to Andy Molnar's exacting specifications. Do stay tuned as we add additional sized rear Ducati cylinder heads to our portfolio. Feel free to contact us with your questions and requirements at


We are also excited to announce another new MPL/TWC offering. Today we can offer Con Rods to suit all Ducati Pantah engines. These Con Rods are designed by MPL. After years of racing, Team Molnar Manx has taken what they have learned from their many race successes with their high revving Manx engines and are now applying those technological insights into the world of vintage motorcycle racing using Ducati twin cylinder engines. These Con Rods are manufactured by Carillo. This steel rod is the lightest (395g) yet the strongest Con Rod available for your Ducati Pantah engine. "Bushless" little end is designed to be run with DLC pin and pressurised little end lubrication. In addition, at we can supply complete Pantah engines as well as engine cases, cranks, barrels and heads to assist racers with maintaining your vintage Ducati vintage racing machines . Please contact us with your needs and specifications.

At Italian Iron Classics and Molnar Precision LTD/Two Wheel Classics, we believe that the next new and exciting race series that is developing worldwide will involve the use of 1100 cc and 1000 cc Ducati DS engines with our chrome-moly TT frames. As a result, MPL has also developed Con Rods to suit the Ducati DS1100 engine. These Con Rods can also be used in the Ducati Hypermotard 1100 cc engine. We collectively believe that this is the "engine of choice" when building a very competitive and formidable TT/F1 racer. Like the Pantah developed Con Rods, MPL has designed and developed these ConRods in accordance with their new Ducati twin cylinder racing effort. Manufactured by Carrillo, these steel rods are the lightest (419g) yet strongest con rods for your DS1100 engine available. Bushless little end to be run with DLC pin, pressurised little end lubrication. Please contact us with your needs and specifications. 

At we continue to bring into inventory, Pantah, F1, Paso, 900 ss belt driven engines in addition to the Ducati 1100 cc/1000 cc DS engines. For those of you who are racing in AHRMA using the 650 Pantah engine in a Pantah or TT frame, we have four Pantah/Alazzurra engines currently in stock. Three of these engines use a dry clutch and one uses a wet clutch. We also have Paso 750 cc engines in stock. With the use of our new 750 cc and soon an 800 cc rear cylinder head, you will be able to rebuild that Paso engine with a Pantah configuration where the carbs are bolted to the rear of each cylinder for period correct racing. We have also had success making Supersport swingarms that we have in inventory to attach to the Paso engine cases that mount into our TT or F1 chrome-moly frames. We remain committed to supporting the world of vintage motorcycle racing. 

We are excited to be working with Molnar Precision LTD jointly on the Ducati TT and F1 racers but also with the Molnar Manx operation. It is due to this working relationship that we, through our subsidiary, BritIron Classics,  have been fortunate to get involved again with the Norton marque and to focus on a Norton Commando twin cylinder effort. In addition to being able to offer Molnar Manx racers and bits, we are also offering OEM and newly created Norton Commando items. We have had great success with getting organized and inventoried, our latest acquisition by BritIron Classics. We have available Norton Commando 850 and 750 engine heads, barrels and engine cases. We also have a nice collection of Norton 750 Atlas heads, barrels and engine cases in addition to a complete 750 Atlas engine. These items are all available for purchase. We have a professional vapor blaster in our complex who will be working with us to take our vintage Norton bits and bring them back to their former glory! Please contact me at with your enquiries. 

At BritIron Classics, in addition to our inventory of OEM Norton frames, engines and bits, we also offer Molnar Precision LTD Norton Commando barrels as well as other Commando bits that we will continue to list as fast as we can. These Norton twin cylinder barrels are cast in fully heat-treated LM25TF aluminium alloy. They have deeper, thinner fins than any other barrels on the market today. Whereas this design does make it more difficult to cast these barrels, we believe that it is worth that effort to achieve superior cooling. Additionally, our barrels are visually closer in appearance to the original Norton iron barrels in an effort to be more period correct. They also save around 5kg in weight! Machined in the Prestson, England workshop on modern 5 axis machinery to precise tolerances, these are truly the optimum barrels for your Norton twin cylinder engine. These items are arguably pieces of engineering artwork!!


We offer these aluminum barrels for all variants of Norton twin cylinder engines to include the Norton 650 & 750 models as they are of the `"through-bolt" design. This design is where the bottom fin joins directly to the cylinder flange and is similar to original Norton 850 barrels. We use different, coarser thread head bolts to optimise mounting to the alloy barrels. These barrels are also available in 68, 73, 77 & 83 mm bore sizes. The smaller sizes are offered in a choice of either iron liners or Nikasil ceramic coating that is applied directly onto the alloy casting. The 77 mm & 83 mm sizes are only available with Nikasil bores to maximise the strength of the barrel in high horsepower applications.

Despite the effects due to the global pandemic on others, we have been extremely busy with orders. As a "lean and mean" operation, please understand that I have only begun to list the multiple items that we have for the Norton Commando, Atlas and Dominator twin cylinder engines. Unlike retail stores that state "if you do not see it, then it is not in stock", please ask if you are in need of any item from switch gear, levers, gearboxes, rubbers, engine covers or cables to name a few items. We have found that there appears to be a great deal of interest in our OEM Norton engine components. If you are looking for a set of engine crank cases for your build, we have sets with or without the crank. Please advise as I only have 4 sets of Norton Commando cases and only a smaller number of Norton Atlas engine case sets. 

Let us "Fuel Your Racing Passions" at with our portfolio of specialty Ducati racing bits and at BritIron Classics with our portfolio of specialty Norton racing bits in addition to our OEM inventory of the classic Norton models. We look forward to being of assistance to your efforts of keeping the sport of Vintage Motorcycle Racing alive and well!!


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