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As I have been retired from the corporate world for the past five years, I feel so fortunate to be involved in the world of Ducati racing and offering spare parts for going on 30 plus years. Back in the 1990's and early 2000's, racing a Ducati 750 desmo and a Ducati 748 rs, I ended up with loads of parts which is how I initially I got my start. How fortunate it is that I have made so many wonderful friends in the vintage racing and restoration world. Now I wish to give back. Further, I need to thank the Biggelaar family in Oisterwijk, The Netherlands for assisting in  providing me with my first large and significant purchase of Ducati spare parts back in the beginning. I purchased Jan Biggelaar's vintage bevel drive and Pantah inventory when he retired. Seen below is a photo of the Biggelaar Performance team in Oisterwijk before Jan's retirement. Now we are ready to embark on another venture to help the vintage racing community by using the internet to offer Ducati OEM and race bits for our customers in a coordinated fashion worldwide to keep shipping costs as low as possible. 

On one of my last trips to Oisterwijk, for example,  I noticed that Toine and Jan had recently found some additional Ducati Bevel Drive (square case) frames. This was great to see as we had previously loaded a sea container full of Ducati Bevel Drive and Pantah inventory. Later we shipped another container of Paso, Superbike and Superport engine bits, frames and components to my shop here in the US. Currently, I am sold out of bevel drive frames but I do have a good selection of Pantah SL and TL frames in stock. Between my Italianiron shop, the Biggelaar Performance shop and in conjunction with our networks of dealers and suppliers, we believe that we have the capability to be a major resource for those Ducatisti who are seeking vintage Ducati or speciality race items. Let us know what you are seeking and we will explore our respective inventories. European and UK customers, please contact me and I can coordinate with Toine so that he has a spare part that you need, it can come from Europe and not my location in the US. 

The Biggelaar family have been involved in racing Ducati's for 3 generations and Toine remains a highly sought after expert, engine builder of Ducati Corse race engines. Shown above is one of Tom Irvine's incredible Frankie Chili Ducati Corse restorations and this photo was taken at the Biggelaar Performance shop where Toine had done the engine work. We have also collaborated on building some specialty racers as well as working on vintage restorations. Team Biggelaar did a crank-up engine build for my 1981 Ducati 900 SSD for example. The engine was built so well that I rarely need to use the choke as it is eager to "jump to life" currently and when we first pushed that starter button. Toine has also built two Ducati 996 rs race engines for me. One 996rs I still own but the other 2001 Reve RedBull Ducati 996 rs that was raced in the British Superbike series was sold to a collector. Shown below is our Bii-Rad Cafe Racer where Toine provided us with a race-prepped Ducati ST3 engine like what Team Biggelaar raced in race series in Europe and in The Netherlands. Our Bii-Rad carves up our Arizona mountain roads with ease!!

As both Toine Biggelaar and I both have numerous race and OEM Ducati spare parts, we find that there is an amount of duplication which we hope will make the logistics of tracking down a hard-to-find part a little easier.  In addition to vintage motorcycle frames, we both receive numerous inquiries for OEM exhaust systems for example. We collectively have a large selection of good, used exhaust systems from Ducati Bevels, Pantahs through the Panigale Twin Superbike. However, some of the most common inquiries that I receive are for the ZDM A&B 11 silencers for 900 Supersports and 888/851 Superbkes as well as ZDM 13 silencers for Monsters and ZDM A&B 19 for injected Supersports. Please be patient as we both build up our photographic inventories of parts on- line. As always, if you are looking for something in particular, please do not hesitate to contact me at Lately, I have been enjoying receiving lists of parts inquiries from different customers throughout the world to source and to fill. I really prefer that method over using websites such as "fleabay" that I will shortly close or at least significantly reduce my listings for many reasons.

Additionally, I will be offering Ducati Kamna spare parts as one of their US dealers. I have been a very satisfied customer over the years when using some of the speciality items that Ducati Kamna produces and now we can efficiently offer them to you. We will be able to offer Pistol pistons, specialty cam shafts, tools, lightened fly-wheels and items for Ducati bevel drives such as their alloy oil pumps that I have used in my Spaggiari Scuderia Ducati 750 ss Corse inspired race engines. The Vintage Motorcycle community is a worldwide community and as such we want to make every effort to maintain the heart and soul of these machines for our community with OEM and race parts for decades to come. I am working with Ducati Kamna to start adding their bits into my website. Stay tuned!!

We are also taking this very similar philosophy and approach to our efforts in offering Two Wheel Classics-UK speciality spare parts for the Ducati TT 2 and F1 community. As dealers for Molnar Precision LTD, we are able to offer Ducati speciality, Manx and Norton twin specialty products. Andy Molnar of Molnar Manx and his manufacturing company Molnar Precision LTD are at the helm of TWC and bring a new, fresh focus, perspective and expertise. This technical expertise is essential when it is combined with decades of racing and manufacturing successes. We remain extremely encouraged by the professionalism and technical support that we are getting from the "new and improved" TWC. Additionally, we are also seeing significant cost savings with regards to shipping costs when combining Ducati, Manx and Norton bits out of the Preston, England UK facility to my shop here in Tucson, Arizona USA. 

In conclusion, we all acknowledge that shipping costs, customs values and VAT drive up the gross cost of many parts significantly. As we at Italianiron generate more volume of products collectively, shipping costs to your location will continue to decrease and to improve. This efficiency can also be realized when a European customer for example who is looking for an exhaust muffler, can get that particular item shipped from The Netherlands. As a result, that desired spare part will become even more attainable and more cost effective. Controlling the logistical costs of these specialty Ducati and now Norton spare parts it is our goal to assist in keeping your vintage racer and vintage street bike fully functioning. Let us know how we can best be of assistance. 



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