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For the past 20+ years, at Italianiron, we have always been involved in providing quality Ducati bits for the vintage Ducati Bevel Drives through the Ducat996 Superbikes domestically and internationally. Due to our volume of shipping overseas, we have some very attractive shipping rates to share. I do pass along my shipping discounts for all of our good international customers like we do for our domestic customers. Unlike Ebay, shipping is NOT a profit center for us. 

It still boggles my mind that when an item is purchased by a customer through my Italianironclassics Ebay store, that as the seller, I must pay the same 10% Ebay fee on shipping charges as well as on the sales price of the item. It has always been good business for me to find our customers the lowest shipping rates. Additionally, when our customers pay a lower shipping fee, in turn, it costs me less in Ebay fees. Win:Win. My contempt for platforms like "Flea-bay" is worthy of several blog posts! 

When an item sells, whether through my website or Ebay, I generate an invoice for Actual Shipping Charges. If you still wish to purchase an item through my Ebay store, DO NOT rely on the Ebay Shipping Quoter as I consistently have superior shipping options that I pass along. Additionally, as I list my items on multiple sites, the same item will cost the most on Ebay due to their combined listing and sales fees that are almost 20% combined now for US sellers. Additionally, I provide the feature "Make an Offer" on all sites but can only offer smaller discounts on Ebay due to their fee structure. 

As the US based dealer for Two Wheel Classics-UK, shipping is an important consideration as we export those items from the UK to the US or to points worldwide. We are beginning to make some of our TT items here in the US. However, if you wish to buy a TWC item like the TT 2 fuel tank (we are now going to be able to offer the TT 2 fuel tanks again in aluminum), I can arrange to have it shipped directly to you if it is cheaper to do so. However we are continuing to add additional TWC items into inventory here at my shop in Tucson, Arizona. 

We offer our best pricing on our website. Please do not be "put-off" that shipping is calculated after a committment to buy. As we do so much international business and due to the vast discrepancies in shipping rates, we are happy to shop the most cost-effective shipping rates. If you wish to buy an item, use the "Make an Offer" feature but DO NOT PAY if it is contingent upon shipping costs. Then we can communicate and I can shop rates to your location.

On a positive note, I would like to share some success stories. Earlier in the year,  I was able to ship a Ducati S2 frame, swingarm and center stand Air Freight from Tucson, Arizona USA to Australia for $390 US (vs $1000 plus through most other carriers). A modern Ducati 900 ss frame went to Italy door to door for $153. I have a Darmah frame, swingarm and center stand going to the UK for $110. Lastly, I sent a complete Ducati 996 engine with oil cooler and injection system in a wooden crate to Germany for $270 door to door (DHL wanted $1200 to go from my shop to Germany!!!). Therefore, do not be "put-off" by the challenges of international shipping as we have been shipping spare parts and complete bikes internationally for quite some time. 

An additional point to consider is that if I use a professional Air Freight carrier or airline, I DO NOT require as much insurance coverage and that, in turn, effects the item's value for customs. This is a large consideration for those of you who live in countries with oppressive VAT and import duties. As a result, I am happy to take the time to shop the shipping industry for the best shipping rate. Let the different shipping companies "fight" for your business for a change. In this way, you can have the confidence that we have found you the best shipping rate. However, I also have customers who work for companies with existing competitive shipping rates. I am always happy to box the item for pick-up whether international or domestic. 

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