Italian Iron Classics, LLC, New Dealer for SmartCarb Technology Elevated

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At Italian Iron Classics, LLC we are very excited to announce that we have been chosen to become an authorized dealer for SmartCarb Technology Elevated here in the US. We were fortunate enough to be introduced by Michael Arnott of the OEM Hand Held Dyno in Australia and the rest is history as they say. 

Our company focus remains on Vintage Racing Motorcycles and especially Ducati TT Racers and Ducati bevel drive race bikes. Our company philosophy has always been to take the "soul" of the vintage motorcycle and enhance it with the best of modern technology. This is why we are also excited about working with Jim Blomley as their western hemisphere dealer for Two Wheel Classics-UK with their chrome moly Ducati TT frames, quality bodywork kits, and custom billet race items. Jim has owned TWC for decades and continues to provide the highest quality items made in the UK with the guidance of world renown experts such as Pat Slinn and Tony Rutter.

It is our belief that a significant benefit of racing is the important research & development gains achieved as race teams and riders push to gain that advantage. Flat-Slide carburetors are not new. However, we have been looking for an alternative to what is available from Mikuni and Keihan that is less complicated to tune and with increased atomization for increased power (+8-14%) and unparalleled fuel economy (+30%). Our determination is that the SmartCarb made here in the US is that significant alternative!

"The Technology Elevated SmartCarb is a precision fuel and air metering instrument that provides extremely fine fuel atomization, precise air/fuel mixture control, and ambient air density compensation"according to the technical manuals supplied. Interesting that whereas this is a traditional flat-slide carb but built in a structure of a single-circuit, variable venturi and as such, is jet-less. Since there are no jets or accelerator pump, these carbs were designed for easy adjustment.

We needed a flat-slide carburetor set-up for the Ducati Monster 1000 cc power plant for our Italianiron Ducati TT 1000 race bike. The question was how to flow enough fuel in a linear manner? Due to the SmartCarb High Velocity Venturi system, we have found a carb with excellent throttle response and linear throttle control. Due to SmartCarbs Precision Flat-Grounded Metering Rod, the result is ultra-fine fuel atomization and unparalleled fuel economy. 

We will be testing both a set of 38 mm and 36 mm on our TT 1000 racer and on my Ducati 900 ss Mike Hailwood Replica bevel drive. According to the engineers at Technology Elevated LLC, due to the "extremely fine fuel atomization provided by the SmartCarb, it exceeds that of Electronic Fuel Injection". Further, "ultra-fine fuel atomization means a more complete and significantly cleaner combustion burn resulting in lowered emissions, greater fuel economy and increased power". We were surprised that the inlets on the Ducati Monster 1000 cc engine are 35 mm. With a set of Malossi 35 mm manifolds and 36 mm SmartCarbs we expect exceptional velocity of the fuel mixture. Will report back shortly. 

The engineers at Techology Elevated state that due to the efficiency of these SmartCarbs that the carbs can be smaller than what has been the approach in the past with using larger 40 mm carbs. We will be posting our results after I get some dyno time at Evan Steel Racing with these Vintage Superbikes.  After our research, it will be interesting to see if we are closer to 8% or 14% in increased power.  Additionally, we will be adding information on the entire SmartCarb portfolio to our website as quickly as possible. In the interim, please send any questions to me at Another new adventure begins!!!

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