Italian Iron Classics to be Two Wheel Classics-UK Dealer for US & Canada

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We are very excited to announce that Italian Iron Classics, LLC has been chosen to be the dealer in the Western Hemisphere for Two Wheel Classics of the United Kingdom. This collaboration has been in the works for awhile as owner, Jim Blomley and I have been discussing our similar visions of vintage Ducati racing motorcycles. We find that passion for Vintage Ducati Racing Motorcycles is a real common denominator that we share and especially when performance and safety can be improved with some modern upgrades. 

Italian Iron Classics, LLC has been focused on the Ducati Bevel drive "Round Case" 750's and "Square Case" 900's since the very early 1990's. However, as that market is shrinking, we see a real opportunity with the appeal of the Ducati Pantah derived TT and F1 machines to open up that market here in the US and Canada. We still have a large selection of Ducati Bevel Drive frames as well as engine heads, barrels, cases, cranks, gears, wiring looms and bevel gears to keep your beloved bevel drive on the road/track. We do love the bevels!

Symbolically above my Ducati 900 ss Bevel Drive Mike Hailwood Replica is the TT2 banner that Jim gave me when I was at his shop Two Wheel Classics last week that illustrates our new significant company direction. As it turns out, I have been a customer of Jim's for quite some time and have been very impressed with the quality of the items that are available that I purchased for both the Bevel Drive and the Belt Drive Ducatis. As our philosophies are very similar with regard to taking the "Soul" of the Vintage Bike and using modern upgrades to refine it, a solid working relationship was a natural result.  

Jim Blomley has been involved in racing for over 40 years with different marques and models, however I find that he finds great satisfaction in building these beautiful TT1, TT2, F1 and TT 900 machines through providing complete kits with frames and bodywork as well as offering precision made spares to enhance your Belt Drive Ducati. I am extremely excited about Jim's TT 900 which allows the use of modern Ducati 900 ss engines in a beautiful Vintage TT package shown below. 

Jim has written, " More than a mere motorcycle, a classic bike can operate like a time machine capable of transporting an aging rider back to younger days. It can also be considered a work of art, a mechanical expression of form and function or as pretty as a sculpture." I could not agree more and vintage motorcycles much less Ducati's in general make this significant point. 

Italian Iron Classics, LLC has also purchased a sea container of Vintage Ducati Belt Drive bits in Europe to complement our collaboration with Two Wheel Classics-UK whether you wish to build up a TT or F1 or build the TT 900 with modern Ducati engines. We currently have Pantah and F1 engine cases, barrels, heads and frames that will be significantly increased when the new inventory arrives from Europe. 

Pictured above is another Two Wheel Classics "beauty" in the form of a Ducati F1. This bike like the others shown are in Jim's inventory and available for purchase. However, we will be building a Two Wheel Classics TT 900, TT2 and a Pantah Racer at our US shop and we will be documenting the build through photos and videos so that every potential enthusiast can get a sense of what it takes to put one of these beautiful bikes together and order which kit works best for them. 

Jim's shop in the UK is full of his very exclusive items to enhance or upgrade your current bike and we will be receiving our first container of Two Wheel Classics kits and bits in January 2018 for our US and Canadian customers. Additionally, we will be working as hard as we can to update our website to mirror the Two Wheel Classics, UK site so that you will be able to order items directly from our inventory of kits and spares at our Italian Iron Classics US location. 

In the interim, US and Canadian customers, please peruse the Two Wheel Classics, UK site and advise us on what you would like to purchase and we can add in those items to any of the containers being shipped to our location in the American Southwest. We do not make money on shipping and both Two Wheel Classics and Italian Iron Classics work through freight companies that shop the best prices for Air and Ocean freight options. Take this opportunity to minimize shipping costs by sharing space with other orders. 

We look forward to helping you to envision and to build your Vintage Ducati TT motorcycle with providing these exceptional quality kits and spares. Much more to discuss as I get back to communicating more regularly on my blog posts as there are so many exciting initiatives and ventures going forward. 

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