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Happy New Year!! We want to thank all of our customers throughout the world for their enthusiasm and for their purchases of our speciality racing spares for Ducati Pantah, F1TTMolnar Manx and Norton Commando racers and street bikes. We continue to remain extremely pleased with the sales activity of our TT and Ducati F1 racer focused chassis & bodywork kits. We are developing even more new, speciality racing spare parts in an effort to keep the Ducati TT & F1 as well as Norton Commando racers extremely relevant and competitive on the world stage. A massive key to our combined success at TGA/Molnar Precision-UK, Molnar Manx and Italianiron & Britiron Classics are our collective, significantly discounted shipping rates for inbound and outbound international packages!! This fact has been a significant competitive advantage for our team in the UK and for us here in the US. Our normal monthly shipment, for example, of our chrome-moly TT chassis, aluminum fuel tank, swingarm and bodywork kits from Preston, England UK to our shop here in Tucson, Arizona USA averages $338 US or 250 GBP. These shipping discounts aide our customers worldwide with cost-effective access to our Ducati Pantah, F1, TT & other significant frame offerings such as the famous "Featherbed" frames made for our Molnar Manx racers and street machines. For US customers, we have been able to combine many orders into each shipment to share and to split the already cost-effective shipping rates between all involved customers.

International sales continue to be robust for us at Italianiron and Britiron Classics. As our international sales have only grown, we can attribute that growth in part to our portfolio of quality OEM and newly manufactured spares for Ducati's and Norton's. However, we have impressed numerous customers with our significant volume discounts and its effect on our shipping costs. Worthy of note, for example, was the shipment of a complete Norton 750 Commando motorcycle that we were able to ship air freight for $756 US door to door from Tucson, Arizona to Cambridgeshire, England, UK. This shipment took place during the pandemic! Another unique shipment was a complete Pantah engine, a set of panniers, and a wheel in three boxes but in one shipment sent door to door to Australia for $571 US. We have also helped customers in more remote eastern European and Scandinavian countries, southern African and Asian destinations to purchase that spare part that they need without shipping costs making the transaction cost-prohibitive. Shown below is our partially disassembled Norton 750 Commando before adding the suspension, wheels, exhaust and bodywork as keeping dimensions of the shipping crate as small as possible is one key to keeping shipping rates reasonable. We also share our shipping discounts with our customers as shipping is NOT a profit center for us!

Of significant interest, at least to me, is the massive sales successes and enthusiasm that we had in 2021 with regard to purchases of our Norton single and twin cylinder Commando & Atlas portfolio of OEM items and our TGA/Molnar Precision LTD newly manufactured racing spare parts. It is our plan to offer more specialty racing spares for Norton Commando racers and street machines in 2022 due to the significant activity of this product line. Many of our "heavy-duty" Commando engine cases and aluminum Commando barrels were "sold-out" by late 2021. Shown below is a picture of one of our Norton 850 cc Commando alloy barrels, ultimately destined for Nikasil ceramic bores on the ($200,000) 5 axis machining center. Exacting precision is a hallmark of the specialty racing spares created by TGA/Molnar Precision and Molnar Manx as the leading industry standard bearer in vintage motorcycle racing. Also on the drawing board are items for the Norton Commando such as con-rods, pistons and other speciality Commando bits. Please make enquiries for Norton Commando, Molnar Manx and other British racers to my email address for fastest responses.

Easily shipped and instantly recognizable is the Molnar Manx "Featherbed" frame that it is made at the Preston, England facility site with a level of precision and craftsmanship that is not often found today. Do contact us to discuss your application for use with this "ultimate" Norton Featherbed frame. It is ideal for your Manx, Triton or specialty racer and vintage street motorcycle! Our "Featherbed" frame is manufactured from CNC bent T45 tubes where the tubes are precision lasered at the ends and then TIG welded. Steering head and swing arm cross tubes are bored post-fabrication to ensure perfect alignment to the swing arm spindle. The swing arm spindle is carried on needle roller bearings with radial needle bearings to cope with the side loads and to ensure minimum "sticktion". Our frames are manufactured exactly as the Norton factory engineers drew them up, and believe us, they knew what they were doing! Frames are shipped either as bare metal or powder coating is certainly available. Of note is that we just shipped a frame from our shop here in Tucson, Arizona USA door to door to a very happy customer in Australia for $421 in what was considered a very oversized box. Due to the efficiency of our inbound UK shipment, we only added $45 for the shipment from the UK.

Demand for our chrome-moly TT frames for the larger capacity Ducati engines up to 1200 cc remains extremely strong. Therefore, one of our initiatives for 2022, is to offer billet yokes/triple clamps for using, for example in my case, a set of 53 mm modern Superbike front forks with our TT frames that is appropriate for an application with the larger engines. I have a nice set of adjustable Superbike forks that will work brilliantly on our new TT 1100 cc racer that we will be building in early 2022. There will be more announcements with regard to the use of larger capacity Ducati engines in our chassis kits as they continue to be enhanced with more upgrades. The billet yokes/triple clamps for our TT racers will compliment our new billet Commando yokes/triple clamps that were recently made available. In addition, there will be more updates to the offerings of the Norton Commando racing engine spares coming very shortly. I can be reached at my preferred email address for any questions or insights into our Ducati portfolio at and for enquiries into our Norton, Manx and other Brit bikes offerings. 


At Italianiron & Britiron Classics, we continue to love the significant performance and technological benefits of our SmartCarb flat-slide carbs. We have been able to confirm the factory's claims of the technical benefits of the SmartCarbs as being a 30% saving in fuel consumption, 6 to 14% improvement in HP, adaptability to altitude and other atmospheric changes, ease of adjustment and 80% less in hydrocarbon emissions. We have also found that once we have set-up our SmartCarb2's, there has been no need to "fiddle" with those settings. Also worthy of note is the "real-world" benefit experienced riding up and down our mountain roads (2500 ft to 10,000 ft) with no impact to maintaining linear power delivery. There was also no need to adjust these carbs at different elevations as they are self-adjusting. SC2's are truly remarkable!! Our Ducati engines that are equipped with the SmartCarbs, those bikes start-up always on the first or second kick after sitting!! In coordination with the SmartCarb Fuel Delivery Systems factory, we have collectively been able to create a very consistent base-line before shipping. However, I am always happy to share some of our research on the settings that we have used on our different vintage and modern engines. Worthy of note is that we sell our SmartCarbs at "suggested retail pricing" and with NO mark-up!! Our prices are in synch with the factory's retail pricing and we jointly share our expertise as to applications for Ducati engines and other Italian marques without it costing you more! Shown below is a photo of our brilliant SmartCarb2 offerings for Ducati and soon, Norton twin cylinder engines.

At Italianiron BritIron Classics, we offer a wide spectrum of race quality spares for the Ducati TT, Pantah, F1 racers as well as for the Norton Manx and Norton Commando racers. We also have a large amount of OEM items for vintage Ducati's and Nortons. Check out our website for Ducati, TT, Molnar Manx and BritIron bits. We remain committed to supporting the world of Vintage Motorcycle Racing as well as to supporting those specialty bike builders as a supplier of quality chassis, bodywork and specialty racing spare parts. As mentioned before, at, let us "Fuel Your Race Passions" is not just a slogan but a commitment whether you are building a vintage TT racer for competition, a Ducati F1 vintage street bike or a classic Norton Commando or Manx









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