Italianiron & Britiron Classics "Re-packaging" our TT Racer Listings

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At Italianiron & BritIron Classics, let us "Fuel Your Race Passions" is not just a slogan but a commitment, whether you are building a vintage TT or Pantah racer for competition, a Ducati F1 vintage street bike or restoring a Norton Commando or Manx racer. We want to thank the massive numbers of our customers internationally and domestically for another great year!! We continue to offer a comprehensive, specialty portfolio of Ducati, TT, Pantah, F1 as well as Manx and Norton engine, chassis and bodywork kits to our customers worldwide. 2023 promises to be another exciting year as we continue to develop more specialty race-tested, quality spares in our continued effort to support our racing customers and vintage motorcycle builders across the globe. We also continue to passionately support the sport of motorcycle racing internationally. The purpose of this post is to discuss our "re-packaging" of many of our Ducati TT kits in our offering.

Due to TGA/Molnar Precision LTD purchasing the Ducati TT inventory from Two Wheel Classics a few years ago, there have been significant improvements in quality of engineering and in manufacturing. Further, due to these efficiencies, pricing of our Ducati TT items has improved. As a result, we find that our customers are appreciating being able to purchase their list of Ducati TT items on a "cafeteria style" basis or purchasing only what they need. We can still provide a "package" discount on multiple items but we no longer require the purchase of previous packages as offered by TWC. As a result, I have deleted the TT Package offering as it appears that not all customers need every item and it is now more cost effective to just order what you need. Additionally, as most racers and builders have their own ideas as to their custom build, our new approach rewards and encourages this passion for customization with great cost effectiveness!! We will be re-listing all of these items over the next few weeks. Please contact me at with specific enquiries.

Shown above are 3 of our custom Ducati TT racer fuel tanks. Our TT 900 or "shallow" sump fuel tank is available in either aluminum or fiberglass and is designed for use with modern Ducati "Paso" styled engines where we mount our SmartCarb flat-slide carburetors facing each other between the cylinder heads. We also offer our aluminum and fiberglass Ducati TT 1 & TT 2 racer fuel tanks with deep sump for Ducati Pantah and Ducati F1 styled engines where we mount our SmartCarb flat-slide carbs off of the rear of each engine cylinder heads. This is in addition to our selection of Ducati Pantah, Belt Driven Supersport, 1 liter Superbike and 1198 Superbike & derivatives OEM Twin Cylinder and after-market fuel tanks. As we continue to be fans of the Tamburini "penned" Ducati 916 Superbikes, we do continue to acquire and refurbish those fuel tanks and bodywork bits.

In addition to our wide selection of Ducati TT racer, Ducati Pantah and OEM Ducati 916 Superbike & Derivatives fuel tanks, we offer both a very high quality version of our Ducati TT 1TT 2 and Ducati F1 fairings and seat bases in either fiberglass or red gelcoat over carbon fiber. The bodywork kits section will receive the greatest noticeable changes on our website. Know that we also have the following for our TT racers:

-front cowling and instrument bracket for our Scitsu racing tachometers

-billet aluminum rear sets & clip-on handle bars

-yokes/triple clamps for numerous vintage and Superbike fork options

-fairing brackets, windscreens and mounting hardware

-our foam seat pad set for rear seatbase and breather box & battery tray

-2:1 titanium or stainless steel exhaust for TT racers or Pantahs

-2:2 stainless steel exhaust for modern 2V engines

-K Tech rear shock and rear shock absorber shroud for the frame


At Italianiron BritIron Classics, we offer a wide spectrum of race quality spares for the Ducati TT, Pantah, F1 racers as well as for the Norton Manx and Norton Commando racers. We also have a large amount of OEM items for vintage Ducati's and Nortons. Check out our website for Ducati, TT, Molnar Manx and BritIron bits. We remain committed to supporting the world of Vintage Motorcycle Racing as well as to supporting those specialty bike builders as a supplier of quality chassis, bodywork and specialty racing spare parts. As mentioned before, at, let us "Fuel Your Race Passions" is not just a slogan but a commitment whether you are building a vintage TT racer for competition, a Ducati F1 vintage street bike or a classic Norton Commando or Manx

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