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At Italianiron/BritIron Classics, we would like to thank all of our customers worldwide for your purchases of our TT & F1 frames, bodywork kits and especially our updated and very popular aluminum TT 900 "shallow sump" fuel tanks for modern Ducati twin cylinder engines. This updated aluminum fuel tank that was featured in my last blog post on 17 May 20 is getting great reviews and is offered in addition to our existing portfolio of aluminum and fiberglass TT 2 and TT 1 "deep sump" fuel tanks. That aluminum TT 900 shallow sump is shown below on our TT 1000 racer.  We are pleased to share our next updated fuel tank, our "deep sump" fiberglass TT 1 fuel tank. We have improved the design and have adjusted the position of the filler cap hole further forward than previous versions as shown in the photo of the unpainted tank. More photos can be viewed of our TT 1 fuel tank in the TWC section of our website.

Please understand that when we sell a TT2, TT1, TT 900 or one of our Ducati Bevel Drive fuel tanks, that the list price is for the fuel tank only. With our new TT 1 fuel tank, it arrives with an undersized pilot hole as in the example shown below. However, as we are dealers for the Newton aero cap and other manufacturers, we can certainly provide you with all that you would need to complete your fuel tank to your exact specifications. Further, painting services are available at an additional charge and requires the time necessary to complete a quality job. We can also supply a high flow single tap petcock. We still have in inventory some TT fuel tanks that use a 2 petcock system if you prefer. It is our plan to work hard to provide products and services based upon your requirements. To that end, we do have numerous petcock options. Molnar Precision LTD (Two Wheel Classics) continues to do a great job in keeping up with the demands of the global marketplace and with updating and improving our portfolio of TT products!

Our fiberglass TT 1, TT 2, and TT 900 fuel tanks are manufactured with special additives in the resin and are warranted against defects and any damage caused by current pump fuels up to E5. We feel that it is essential that we also discuss what is NOT covered by the Warranty. Those items not covered are as follows:  1) specialist race fuels are not covered 2) the use of fuel additives is prohibited 3) do not use any proprietary internal sealants 4) consequential losses, including painting costs, are not covered. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you "leak-test" tanks before painting to ensure that no damage has occurred since manufacture. Further, paint baking temperatures in excess of 140 degrees Fahrenheit or 60 degrees Centigrade are prohibited. In the event of a claim, the tank must be returned to the UK, shipping paid, for examination. If your claim is accepted the shipping costs will also be refunded. Our stated warranty is provided here to make as clear as possible as to the terms of our Manufacturer's Warranty. in conjunction with Molnar Precision LTD/Two Wheel Classics-UK is known worldwide for quality aluminum and fiberglass fuel tanks in addition to our fiberglass bodywork kits. Shown above is a set of Ducati F1 bodywork that continues to be a good seller here in the US. Shown below is a ready-to-mount set of TT 2 front fairing bodywork that has been professionally painted and with period sponsorship decals applied that I currently have at my shop here in the American Southwest. TT 2 seat bases are available in 3 different sizes for that custom fitment required for your race bike or street bike. We use the superior fiberglass matting in our products and not the chopped strand that is most commonly offered in the marketplace. Additionally, we also stock windscreens, seat base pads, mounting hardware and mounting bracketsWe remain committed to supporting the world of vintage motorcycle racing as well as to supporting those specialty bike builders as a supplier of quality chassis, bodywork and specialty racing spare parts. At Italianiron, let us "Fuel Your Race Passions" is not just a slogan but a commitment whether you are building a vintage TT racer for competition or a F1 vintage street bike. Please contact me at with any additional questions. 

Thank you all who have been making enquiries as to our newly listed Ducati Pantah Rear Cylinders and Pantah & 1100cc con rods. For those of you who are racing in AHRMA using the 650 Pantah engine in a Pantah or TT frame, we also have 4 Pantah/Alazzurra engines currently in stock. Three of these engines use a dry clutch and one uses a wet clutch. We also have Paso 750 cc engines in stock. With the use of our new 750 cc and soon an 800 cc rear cylinder head, you will be able to rebuild that Paso engine with a Pantah configuration where the carbs are bolted to the rear of each cylinder for period correct racing. We have also had success taking Supersport swingarms that we have in inventory and attaching them to the Paso based engine cases that mount into our TT chrome-moly frames. We remain committed to supporting the full spectrum of different vintage motorcycle racing series. 


We are excited to be working with Molnar Precision LTD jointly on the Ducati TT and F1 racers but also with the Molnar Manx operation. It is due to this working relationship that we, through our subsidiary, BritIron Classics,  have been fortunate to get involved again with the Norton marque. In addition to being able to offer Molnar Manx racers and bits, we are also offering OEM and newly created Norton Commando items. Shown below is a complete 500 cc Manx single cylinder engine that was built to exact 1962 Norton factory specifications and enhanced by Molnar Manx to include magnesium crankcases, timing covers & camboxes like the original, cast items from the Norton technical pattern work. Not only is the Molnar Manx engine the most cosmetically accurate available, it is consistently a top performer. According to Team Molnar, since its debut in 1995, Molnar Manx`s have won more races than every other competitor combined in their class. 


Shown below is our Fontana 250 Drum Brake & Front Hub that is considered by many to be the ultimate European Drum Brake and a beautiful piece of sculptured artwork. These Drum Brakes can boast more stopping power than most disc brakes according to the engineers at Molnar Manx. It was originally developed by Daniel Fontana for the works 500`s of the late `60`s. Our 250 Fontana brakes hubs are faithful replicas of the originals with the dramatic finning and central ventilation ducts. They are suitable for 750cc & 500cc Classic Racers, Cafe Racers and Tritons. It has been the brake of choice for the 500cc Grand Prix grid, and has been used to win all 500cc classic races over the past 3 years. Fontana 250 Drum Brake is cast in either Aluminium or Magnesium and machined on our state of the art CNC lathes. The shoes are always skimmed to match the hub to ensure an exceptional custom fitment. If you require your hub to be built into a wheel, our specialists can do this, using an alloy rim, 40 spoke holes and 10 gauge spokes. Please provide what rim size that you require or contact me at with your enquiries and specifications. 

Also available through BritIron Classics are engine plates for the G 50Norton Commando, Dominator, Atlas and Manx engines. Every effort is being made to keep the best of the original engineering designs current with today's latest technology and metallurgy. Shown below is a complete set of aluminum Dural Manx Engine Plates with all holes drilled. These engine plates are designed to fit a Manx engine into a "wideline" Featherbed frame. The stated weight for this standard version is 800 g or 1.764 pounds excluding fittings. There is also a lightened version of the engine plates available to bring the weight of the plates down to 450 g or 0.992 pounds. Our different engine plates are listed in the BritIron section of our website. Do contact me with your specifications or questions at

One of the very unique benefits of working with Molnar Precision LTD is being reintroduced to British "exotica" and we are having a great deal of fun working with the Norton marque as well other British brands. Another good example of this British exotica is our Vincent Twin Cylinder primary cover as shown below. This Vincent primary cover is sand cast in heat treated LM25TF alloy. These covers are produced on CNC machinery at the Molnar Precision LTD facility in Preston, England UK to exacting standards that ensure precise matching to our Vincent crankcases. Keeping the best of the past alive is at the forefront of our collective efforts whether supporting Italian or British inspired racing machinery. 

Please stay tuned as we move forward on our John Player Norton 850 project. Currently our frame and all fairing brackets are being powder coated a dark navy blue as the 850 Norton engine and gearbox have been rebuilt. Due to my many years working with the elegant and colourful Ducati racers, I have come to really cherish the use of colour in our builds. The concept of using just primary colours of white and black on a motorcycle as significant as the JPN 850 Norton does not work for me as I am not a purist in that sense. The bodywork will be in the original colour pallet. However, as an aside, I am very pleased that many of the racing Nortons were painted in a blue with white stripe livery for those of us who embrace the use of colour!! As a result of this first Norton build, a JPN 850 is, therefore, one of our first logos for our new subsidiary, BritIron Classics. Let us know how we can support your Italian & British Racing Passions at Italianiron/BritIron Classics!!

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