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At Italianiron/BritIron Classics, let us "Fuel Your Race Passions" is not just a slogan but a commitment, whether you are building a vintage TT racer for competition or a Ducati F1 vintage street bike. In addition to our comprehensive portfolio of chrome-moly TT chassis kits and bodywork kits we  would also like to begin to highlight our product portfolio in greater detail. We wish to announce that we are now offering an updated version of our engine stand for Ducati twin cylinder Bevel driven engines, Pantah belt driven engines, Paso belt driven engines and adjusting to accommodate 1100 DS engines and Hypermotard which is our focus and niche. New and improved design allows you to build the whole bike apart from the wheels and the exhaust system while on the engine stand. 

The innovative design of our engine stand makes working on your Ducati twin cylinder engine very easy. The cross braces attached make for a strong and sturdy work platform. The central bar allows your engine to be rotated easily, allowing work to be done on both the vertical and the horizontal cylinders. The base of the engine stand is level and tabs are added to further ensure a stable base. Holes have been drilled into the tabs to accommodate either adjustable threaded pads that can be added or to allow the engine stand to be bolted to your work bench. We have had success using our stand on all Ducait twin cylinder engines to include the 4 valve, water cooled engines such as a 2007 1098 engine. Our engine stands are available either in a bright zinc plated finish or powder coated red.

Do know that we are Ducati TT & F1 specialists and in addition, we also offer high quality chrome-moly TT frames that are identical copies to the frames used by Tony Rutter as he allowed us to make copies of his frames. These TT frames are available in either 25 mm (8.4kg weight) for smaller 350 cc to 750 cc Ducati belt driven engines or 28 mm (8.7kg weight) for 750 cc to 1100 DS engines. The frame can be supplied without powder coating (raw), alternatively the frame can be powder coated black or red for an additional fee. Shown below is our TT 1000 1K with 28 mm tubing. Also available and in stock is what we call the TT 900 Fuel Tank for use with modern 2 and 3 valve Ducati engines in the Paso style where the carburetors face each other between the cylinder heads. This fuel tank will fit all of our TT 2 and TT 900 frames. Please advise as to how we can best be of service. Let us Fuel Your Race Passions!!

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