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At Italianiron/BritIron Classics, let us "Fuel Your Race Passions" is not just a slogan but a commitment, whether you are building a vintage TT racer for competition, a Ducati F1 vintage street bike or a classic Norton CommandoDominator or Atlas twin. As a result, we are focused on and primarily committed to supporting the sport of Vintage Motorcycle Racing worldwide first and foremost. Maintaining a quality offering is the most important goal for us whether the items are made by TGA/Molnar Precision LTD in the UK or by Italianiron, LLC in the USA whether for your Ducati TT racer or for your Norton Commando racer. Our race spec items are race tested for quality and assurance of structural integrity, performance, for light weight and for reliability. That is the measure for everything that we do. As a result, being cheapest is not our primary mission but providing good "value" for our race quality spares is what we strive to achieve. 

Shown below is one of our Ducati Pantah 2:1 Exhaust systems for use on our TT2/TT1 and F1 racers and street bikes. They are available in either stainless steel or titanium. Do know that this exhaust system is designed for use with our TT 2 and TT 1 chrome-moly frames that connects at the foot peg mount. For Pantah street bike frames we have machined an adapter to mount the rear of the exhaust system to the lug of the OEM frame. Please contact me at to discuss your particular application. Currently, we are in the process of redesigning our stainless and titanium exhaust systems that use modern Ducati engines from the 1100/1000 cc Monster S2R's to the 900/750 cc Paso & Supersport engines where the carburetors face each other between the cylinder heads. Concurrently, we are also developing a Pantah based 1100 cc rear cylinder head for competition where the carburetor mounts to the rear of the vertical/rear cylinder head. Stay tuned.

We are excited to introduce our new ultra light weight 200 mm Rear Brake Disc race kit that is shown below. This Rear Disc Brake kit is designed first to minimize weight in comparison to other systems available by saving nearly 1kg or 2.2 lbs over the standard rear brake set up. Additionally, our design was to ensure efficient rear wheel changes that have been achieved in under 1 minute. Mission accomplished! This kit comes complete with a stainless steel 200 mm outer diameter disc, an aluminum rear Caliper Carrier with a removable spacer which is supplied in a size long enough to be shortened to suit many other swing arm applications. The Brembo rear caliper is available in either black or gold. However, please note that the aluminum Disc Carrier is only compatible with our Marvic Streamline rear wheels. Our kit uses the original Marvic Bolts that mount the carrier to the wheel. The Anchor Bolt that is mounted to the swing arm to attach the caliper carrier is manufactured from stainless steel. All other appropriate mounting bolts are supplied to complete this race kit.

For purchase is our complete Oil Cooler Kit for replacing the original camshaft bearing end cover in all Pantah based engines and is designed for the racing community. However, here in the Sonoran Desert of the American Southwest, a good oil cooler is a great idea whether at the track or on the street. Our kit fits all Pantahs as well as our TT1, TT2, TT900 and TTF1 racers using Pantah based engines. This kit is designed to feed oil through the two cam end bearing cover centers. This complete kit includes the oil cooler itself, two (2) Cam End Covers, three (3) oil lines, and five (5) banjo bolts. This kit is an absolute necessity for anyone racing their early belt driven Ducati! Our kit will also fit OEM heads as well as our modern replacement heads. Please know that we also offer these items separately for purchase. Please advise as to what you require for your project.


It is very exciting to hold this aluminum 81 mm Norton Commando 920 cc barrel in my hand and to witness the overall quality of these professionally machined, specialty race items. Historically the Norton factory designed the original twin cylinder barrel to measure a 66mm bore for their 500cc engine. As demand for more displacement continued, the engineers elected to achieve that without changing the barrel, crank, et al. From the centers of the bore, it was gradually increased to 68 mm, then 73mm, then 77 mm and then 81mm. It is extremely interesting that our barrels are "not our design but manufactured within the limitations of the original Norton factory designs and technical drawings." What makes our Norton barrels special is that they are cast in fully heat treated L169 aerospace spec aluminum alloy. These Norton Commando twin cylinder barrels have deeper, thinner fins than any other manufacturer in the marketplace. This manufacturing process is much more difficult to cast. However, it has proven to be worthwhile as it achieves superior cooling and a barrel that is visually closer to the original OEM iron Norton barrels.

In addition to saving around 5kg in weight, our Commando barrels are machined and benefit from applying the many advances in modern technology and metallurgy. Currently we are sold out of the 920 cc barrels as we seem to have taken the majority of these barrels for the market here in the US & Canada. However, there are currently a few 850 cc, 750 cc and 650 cc barrels still available as of this writing. Our barrels are available in a full range of bore sizes from 83 mm, 81 mm, 77 mm, 73 mm and 68 mm and representing displacement of 1000 cc to 650 cc accordingly. A new production run will start in a fortnight or two weeks. Please advise if you wish to place a deposit on one of our barrels from this production run. In addition we are also offering "Heavy Duty" Norton Commando engine cases and available to match our barrels as the evolutionary process of maintaining these British "Beasts" remains a passion. For enquiries, please email me at

Shown below is another item of interest for fans of those racers or street riders who use either a Norton or Triumph engine in a "Featherbed" frame.  In addition to offering bits for racers, we like to think that we also offer items that  are specially designed for those who can appreciate custom designed and manufactured items like our Norton Featherbed Rear-Set kit. This kit is designed to mount on the swing arm spindle. Therefore please specify if you are using a solid 1/2" or hollow 3/4" spindle. Our Rear-Set kit is also also suitable for Tritons. However do know that the gearbox toggle will only fit Norton/AMC gearboxes. Please advise if your bike uses any other type of gearbox than the Norton/AMC gearbox. In that case, we can leave the toggle out and assist with a solution for your application. Do also know that we currently do not offer a folding footrest option. As it is our goal to always qualitatively address your requirements, please email me at to discuss your specific requirements.

Finally, please find another specialty item in the form of a cast aluminum alloy Exhaust Lock Rings that is machined on our CNC lathes. It is a great piece of kit whether you are racing your Norton, doing a track day or just enjoying putting your bike through its paces on a long street ride. Instead of trying to use old corroded OEM items, take advantage of using these specialty Exhaust Lock Rings or Exhaust Nuts. Other advantages over the original items are that our items are half the weight of stock items. Most significantly, they also maintain the same coefficient of thermal expansion as the cylinder head. This reduces the likelihood of the Exhaust Lock Ring from coming loose during operation. Obviously this is what causes exhaust port thread damage. We always recommend that you use copper grease when fitting these aluminum alloy items to your engine head. Do know that our aluminum Exhaust Lock Rings will fit both Norton Commando's and Norton Dominator's. Whether you are a racer or a street rider, these inexpensive items at $38.00 a pair (2) can spare you hours of anguish and they look very "trick".

In addition to our product portfolio for TT and other Ducati racers, we are also excited to support enthusiasts for the Norton Commando & the Molnar Manx racers through BritIron Classics a subsidiary of As we have a significant number of International Customers, to those old and new customers please note the following

"If you purchase an item from either Italianiron or Britiron Classics without providing your email address, then that order will be canceled. As over 60% of my business is to international customers, I cannot shop cost effective shipping rates and advise you of those rates if I do not have your email address. I apologize to those customers who I had to cancel their order when there was no way to make contact with them. We will not and cannot hold on to your money!" 

We want all of our customers to have a positive experience working with us and our business partners!! It is as a result of our offerings, that we hope to help you to become immersed in the history, the passion and the early technology of these amazing two wheeled machines. Let us "Fuel Your Race Passions" to keep the sport of Vintage Motorcycle Racing alive and well!!



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