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I am very excited at all of the interest in our use of SmartCarb flat-slide carbs on our different 4 stroke Ducati vintage and modern twin cylinder engines. As a dealer for Technology Elevated we have done extensive analysis on a cross section of engines to include a 1981 Ducati 900 ss MHR, a race prepped Ducati 750 cc engine and a Ducati 1000 cc S2R engines. We have been able to confirm the factory's claims of the technical benefits of the SmartCarbs as being a 30% saving in fuel consumption, 6 to 14% improvement in HP, adaptability to altitude and other atmospheric changes, ease of adjustment and 80% less hydrocarbon emissions. Additionally, we will be using a 36 mm SmartCarb 2 on a Norton 850 JPN project. The purpose of this blog post is to provide a place for enthusiasts to read some of the blog posts written to date until I get my website techs to add a specialty blog post and videos sections to my website.

What we have discovered at Italianiron Classics is that regardless of the size of the engine as in the case of the Ducati 1000 cc Monster S2R engine above or my vintage1981Ducati 900 ss MHR as shown at the top of this blog post, that our SmartCarbs are transformative regardless of the application. The pressurized float bowl design is key to these signifiant advantages as discussed in the blog post link above. It is my current view that for all of our Ducati engines that do not rev over 10k rpm, that carburetors of this technological sophistication and capability are far superior to other brands of carburetors and fuel injection!! I will refer to our experience contained in the 10 blog posts written to date to carry that argument and available on my website. The current version of the SmartCarb 2's share the same genealogy as the Lectron that was originally created over 50 years ago. However, SmartCarb 2's are now in all respects a significant departure from the original Lectron in design, technology and performance due to their unique evolution.

Shown above is our TT 1000 with Ducati 1000 cc S2R engine that runs brilliantly with 36 mm SmartCarb 2's. We have found that with the "fuel-injection-like" performance of our SmartCarbs that we can use smaller SmartCarbs that more closely match the inlet port of our 1000 cc engine in this case. This significantly reduces the negative effect that turbulence has on maintaining a consistent flow of fuel mixture. Our SmartCarbs remain solidly consistent in performance up and down the rev range AND up and down our mountain roads without the need for ANY "fiddling" or adjusting of the carburetors due to changes in altitude or other atmospheric conditions. Similarly, we have found that we can use the same 36 mm SmartCarbs on our race-prepped Ducat 750 cc engine with flowed, dual plugged heads to keep pace with the demands of this engine again up and down the rev range on the dyno as well as up and down our numerous mountain roads here in the American Southwest.

The first Ducati four stroke that we used the SmartCarbs on was my 1981 Ducati 900 ss MHR. When racing Ducati bevels, I have had the opportunity to use many different carburetors to include Dellorto's, Keihins and Mikuni's. As Keihin flat slides have been a race standard for quite some time, I was curious to compare them against the performance of the SmartCarbs. Not only did SmartCarbs outperform the Keihins on the dyno but I found that tuning the SmartCarbs was easier and once tuned (more importantly), the need to adjust them was eliminated regardless of the elevation of the mountain roads that I was using. I respect those who have been able to "tame" the tuning of the finicky Keihins, however, I have thoroughly enjoyed not having to "fiddle" with the SmartCarbs constantly like I seemed to have to do with the Keihin's at the race track. The Technology Elevated engineers have catalogued many comparisons between different manufacturers of carburetors and on both 2 and 4 stroke engines to include racers, dirt bikes, ATV's, snowmobiles and outboard boat engines. Check out their site as well!!

In addition to our product portfolio for TT and other Ducati racers, we are also excited to support enthusiasts for Norton Manx and Norton Commando racers through Molnar Manx and BritIron Classics Norton. Consistent with our working with Norton Commando's and the Molnar Manx, we will be doing some R&D on the performance enhancements that can be achieved through using our SmartCarb2 on these British Beasts!! Shown below is a 36 mm SmartCarb 2 that I have mounted on a 2:1 Mikuni manifold on my Norton 850 Commando JPN project. Once the wiring is done and the wheels mounted, it will be great to see the performance enhancements using our SmartCarb2 with this old British iron on the dyno!!

It is my hope that sharing a few of the 10 blog posts written on our experience testing the SmartCarb2's on different 4 stroke Ducati engines can provide you, the racer and bike builder, some insights into what we have achieved using these extremely high tech flat-slide carburetors. Using today's Smartcarb2 flat-slides that were originally created over 50 years ago, fulfills our racing philosophy of maintaining the "spirit" of the original design and to bring that design forward with the best in the technological evolution in performance, safety and metallurgy. Further, as a result of our offerings, it is our hope to help you to become immersed in the history, the passion and the early technology of these amazing machines. Let us "Fuel Your Race Passions" to keep the sport of Vintage Motorcycle Racing alive and well!!


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