Italianiron/BritIron Classics to Offer Molnar Manx Portfolio, Issue #1

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At Italianiron Classics, we are pleased to announce that in addition to being the Two Wheel Classics-UK/Molnar Precision LTD dealer for Ducati TT & F1 spare parts, we will also be able to offer Molnar Manx and Norton Commando spare parts through our BritIron Classics operation. I recently purchased an inventory of NOS and used OEM Norton, Dunstall Norton and John Player Norton spare parts from a British bike dealer who is now retiring. In conjunction with this purchase, we will be working with Molnar Manx through our BritIron Classics unit on 3 Norton racer projects to start. We will also be offering Molnar Manx proprietary bits for the US marketplace as well as offering other Norton Commando twin speciality bits from Molnar Precision LTD in Preston, England UK. Please be patient with us as we continue to build-out our website with more Ducati and Norton products.

On my 20 Jan 20 Blog Post I discussed our excitement at working with Molnar Precision LTD and offered some updates on our Two Wheel Classics Ducati TT & F1 inventory. Now I would like to take a little time and introduce my readership to the Molnar Manx and Norton product offerings. Instantly recognizable is the Molnar Manx Featherbed frame (shown below) that it is made at the Preston facility site with a level of precision and craftsmanship that is not often found today. Our enthusiasm for the acquisition of Two Wheel Classics-UK by Molnar Precision LTD can be best illustrated in the featured article about the Molnar Manx Norton in the current issue of Classic Racer #201, titled "State of the Art". The article provides a very good insight into what it takes to make a Classic TT race bike. In the case of the Molnar Manx, it is a custom, hand-built racer. As a result of Andy Molnar's acute attention to detail, his Manx has proven to be the state-of-the-art example of the best in classic single cylinder racers. The successes of the Molnar Manx has has been proven time and again at the racetrack.

When I was visiting Andy and his team at his Preston facility, he had all of his CNC machines working continuously and efficiently creating many of these custom made Molnar Manx bits. I was also able to see in addition to Manx engine cases and gearboxes, other pieces of "exotica" such as a set of Vincent engine cases with a 92 Bore Conversion! Molnar Precision LTD is committed to keeping the best of the historical vintage British racers current and relevant. This matches  completely with our philosophy of maintaining the "soul" of the vintage motorcycle while upgrading the design with today's technology and and the materials with today's advancements in metallurgy for example. 


At Italianiron/BritIron Classics, we are happy to be a conduit for US customers to purchase these specialty Molnar Manx bits here in the US as we will be receiving regular shipments of Ducati and Norton bits from the Preston facility. If you wish to order a 500 cc or 350 cc Molnar Manx racer, I encourage all US customers to contact Andy directly with your specifications as to your particular Manx racer at . Andy has been building, developing, and racing his Molnar Manx racers for decades now and is the definitive expert. As I started racing Norton twins before discovering Ducati bevel drives, I will be happy to provide data on our twin cylinder inventory and Molnar Commando twin cylinder products. 

In addition to the KTech cartridges and internal bits that Molnar Precision LTD makes for the 41.7 mm and 38 mm Marzzochi M1R forks, Andy has been offering upgrade kits for the Norton forks as well. MPL also manufactures wheel hubs and fork lowers in addition to the internals to his exacting standards. A set of forks are available with either cast sliders (suitable for 2LS Manx brakes and all other applications) or Forged sliders (Required if using a Manx 4LS brake, suitable for all other applications). Please provide your preference as to a Manx or a Seeley Length. Manx Forks can be supplied in a lightweight format with exposed stainless springs and dural nuts, or as original with steel stanchion top nuts and enclosed fork springs. NOTE: Cast Sliders are a budget option and are not an exact replica of originals. As expected, MPL has also been manufacturing their own version of the Manx upper and lower Yokes/Triple Clamps with 7 " centers as shown below. Let us know what your technical specifications are. If you do not see what you need, do not hesitate to make contact.

In addition to aluminum fuel tanks for the Ducati TT & F1 racers that I discussed in my 20 Jan 20 blog post titled "Italian Iron-Product Offerings", Molnar Precision LTD also supplies beautiful Molnar Manx fuel tanks that I had the privilege to hold as it is amazingly light. The quality of the manufacturing process is remarkable for a large capacity Manx style fuel tank. These aluminium Manx fuel tanks are TIG welded, annealed throughout and baffled as required. It comes complete with cap and cut-out for carb. Fuel tap boss is welded in. If a particular style is to be painted on to the tank please make contact to discuss your requirements. You can also review the new Molnar Precision LTD website that is currently under construction at: url. 

I am looking forward to unloading the 30 plus tubs of NOS and used OEM Norton twin cylinder bits that includes a number of engines from a British Motorcycle dealer where the owners are retiring. In the inventory is a race prepped 750 Commando engine that will be interesting to load into one of our Dunstall Nortons racers. Whereas the Ducati marque has been my primary focus for the past 25 plus years, it will be fun to be able to be "distracted" by working on some Norton twin cylinder projects. Additionally, as one of the US dealers for Technology Elevated's SmartCarbs, we will be exploring performance improvements gained through the use of one SC on our Commando engines. 

It is our hope that from this first blog post, that we have provided a "taste" of what is to come through the availability of Molnar Manx spare parts and Two Wheel Classics spare parts from Molnar Precision LTD and offered through Italianiron and BritIron Classics based here in the USA. We remain passionately committed to serving the sport of Classic Motorcycle Racing and to support the restoration and maintaining of these past marvels of mechanical engineering excellence from the Ducati and Norton factories. 

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