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At Italianiron/BritIron Classics, let us "Fuel Your Race Passions" is not just a slogan but a commitment, whether you are building a vintage TT racer for competition, a Ducati F1 vintage street bike or a classic Norton CommandoDominator or Atlas twin. As a result, we are focused on and primarily committed to supporting the sport of Vintage Motorcycle Racing worldwide first and foremost. Maintaining a quality offering is the most important goal for us whether the items are made by TGA/Molnar Precision LTD in the UK or by Italianiron, LLC in the USA. Our offering applies whether for your Ducati TT or F1 racer or for your Norton Commando racer. Our race spec items are race tested for quality and assurance of structural integrity, performance, for light weight and for reliability. That is the measure for everything that we do. As a result, being cheapest is not our primary mission but providing good "value" for our race quality spares is what we strive to achieve. Shown below is our very popular Ducati Pantah & TT 2:1 exhaust systems available in either stainless steel or titanium.

We are excited to announce our new TT 1000 full 2:2 exhaust system to be used with Ducati 1100 cc, 1000 cc and 900 cc engines. This new exhaust system is manufactured in full stainless steel and true to form, great care has been taken to ensure that the welding is impeccable. Our TT 1000 exhaust system will work with either our TT2/TT1 or our TTF1 chassis kits and for use with modern Ducati engines where the carbs face each other and fit between the cylinder heads. Our TT 1000 system is designed for racing first to optimize performance, maintaining optimal ground clearance and designed with making carburation set-up an easy task. This system is designed to keep noise levels below 105dB even without baffles. Exhaust components are equipped with connectors that use springs for easy connection of each exhaust pipe. Know that this listing does not include exhaust collars. Contact me at to discuss your specifications.


We continue to have a great deal of fun working with Molnar Manx and TGA/Molnar Precision LTD in offering an exciting range of race bits for the Manx, Norton Commando and other British marques through our BritIron Classics division. Therefore, I would be remiss if I did not include a new item for our Manx Nortons as sales of our newly manufactured and OEM British spares have been very robust. Please find a replica of the original open megaphone for the 500 cc Manx Norton from 1961 onwards. Our Manx Megaphone is a faithful copy of the original item and manufactured in chromed steel to suit 1 3/4" diameter exhaust pipe. A mounting sleeve is also available for purchase and formed to the same shape as the silencer in chromed steel. Do know that if you require a suitable exhaust header pipe that we can provide that as well. Additionally, an appropriate exhaust pipe clamp can also be supplied at additional charge. Contact me at Britironclassics@gmail,com with your enquiries.

At Italianiron BritIron Classics, we offer a wide spectrum of race quality spares for the Ducati TT, Pantah, F1 racers as well as for the Norton Manx and Norton Commando racers. We also have a large amount of OEM items for vintage Ducati's and Nortons. Check out our website for Ducati and BritIron bits. We remain committed to supporting the world of Vintage Motorcycle Racing as well as to supporting those specialty bike builders as a supplier of quality chassis, bodywork and specialty racing spare parts. At, let us "Fuel Your Race Passions" is not just a slogan but a commitment whether you are building a vintage TT racer for competition or a Ducati F1 vintage street bike. We are also excited to support enthusiasts for Norton Manx and Norton Commando racers through Molnar Manx and BritIron Classics

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