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Thank you to all of our Ducati and now Norton customers who have kept us so busy!! We have had some complete TT chassis & bodywork kits ordered lately and we will now be completing the powder coating and the painting of the bodywork here in the US. Our ItalianIron and BritIron projects have been slowed but that is completely fine as our real goal is to help to keep our customer's projects moving forward with hard to find vintage Bevel Drive, TT/F1 and Norton motorcycle spare parts. At the shop, we refurbish many of our spare parts by professionally polishing, rebuilding with new gasket or rebuild kits, reupholstering and repainting items by the team that we have assembled here in the desert of the American Southwest. Here in Tucson, Arizona, we have a very extensive and talented vintage motorcycle community with decades of experience and skilled in many of the unique areas for specialty restoration processes that compliment our portfolio of chassis & bodywork kits.


Worthy of note is that we are now offering our TT chassis & bodywork kits "cafeteria style" or provided with a menu in order that you can customize the purchase of the specific bits for your particular build while maintaining the benefit of "package pricing". Our frames are replicas of the original TT1/TT2 Verlicchi frames that Tony Rutter and Pat Slinn made famous. Our frames will fit a 500cc, 600cc, 750cc, 800cc and 900cc Pantah type engines, and also the 1000/1100cc DS engines for that ultimate Post Classic Superbike. We have also been given approval by TGA/Molnar Precision LTD in the UK to powder-coat our chassis kits and paint the bodywork kits when requested by our customers. We have very cost effective rates for these services here in Tucson, Arizona. If you have enquiries, please find my new email address of as the new method of contacting me. However, the email address will be available until the end of 2020. 

New options for our TT kits in the menu of choices are as follows: A) 25 mm or 28 mm chrome-moly tubing, B) frame finish of raw or powder coated red or black, C) swingarm type of tubular chrome-moly steel or box-section aluminum, D) swingarm finish raw or powder coated red or black, E) tank choice of fiberglass TT1/TT2 or aluminum TT 900, F) tank finish raw, painted or polished in the case of the aluminum tank, G) type of fuel cap whether screw, flip-up or Aero cap, H) fairing choice of TT 1 or TT 2 either painted or gelcoat, I) seatbase size of Rutter standard or +50 mm Medium or +70 mm Long, J) seatbase pad of 12.5 mm or 25 mm thickness, and finally choice of 35 mm, 38 mm or 41.7 mm standard (non-adjustable) yokes/triple clamps. Do know that for two different orders, our customer preferred to use their own swingarm and yokes/triple clamps. We do have the capability to remove those items from the kit as well and reduce the price accordingly. Contact me at to discuss your specifications.


Shown above is our hand-made aluminum TT 900 fuel tank with its smooth, rounded shape that seems also to "flow" consistently and evenly along the frame rails. We continue to receive great praise for the quality of our portfolio of Ducati and Norton gas-welded fuel tanks as we continue to be a major source for offering spare parts for your Ducati F1, Pantah or TT racers in addition to our Norton Commando, Atlas and Manx offering. We have what you require whether you are participating in vintage racing or building a special vintage street bike. For a view of our Norton Commando, Seeley and Norton Manx fuel tanks by Molnar Manx, check out the BritIron Classics Norton and Molnar Manx section of our website or contact me for Norton items through my email address.


Additionally we also take pride in our portfolio of Ducati F1 and TT bodywork. We remain committed to supporting the world of Vintage Motorcycle Racing as well as to supporting those specialty bike builders as a supplier of quality chassis, bodywork and specialty racing spare parts. At Italianiron and BritIron Classics Norton, let us "Fuel Your Race Passions" is not just a slogan but a commitment whether you are building a vintage TT Ducati or Norton racer for competition or a Ducati F1 or Norton Commando vintage street bike. Please contact me with any additional questions at We are also excited to support enthusiasts for Norton Manx and Norton Commando racers through Molnar Manx and BritIron Classics Norton. Please see our gas-welded Norton Commando Roadster fuel tanks below.

Please also understand that shipping for all of our Ducati and Norton OEM used spare parts and our portfolio of newly manufactured Ducati F1, TT and Norton specialty items do require shipping at additional cost to your destination. However, we get significant shipping discounts with all of the major shipping companies and freight companies due to our volume of shipping. As such, we pass along that saving on to you, our customers. To clarify, on my website, when an item is purchased, a notice is posted by the website administrator: 

Shipping Charges Shopped & Added Once Accepted.

This does not mean that shipping is included in the price but the opposite of that premise. After purchase of the item, the most cost effective shipping method will be shopped, agreed to by you, the customer, and then invoiced separately when the item is ready to ship. This procedure was necessary as nearly 67% of my business is international and we also ship from sources in the UK and from the EU. It is my hope that this explanation regarding these processes make for greater clarity as it relates to shipping. We are also happy to shop shipping options before you purchase by sending me an email.

Let us share our decades of experience in offering vintage Ducati and Norton OEM spare parts, offering items that we manufacture, and share our bike building expertise to assist you, the customer, in building the motorcycle of your dreams! Ultimately, in the world of vintage motorcycle racing and in riding our motorcycles on club events, we are all enthusiasts with a common passion. It is our goal as enthusiasts to share our enthusiasm, our experiences and our product portfolio of chassis, bodywork and other specialty racing items with other enthusiasts throughout the world!! Let us know how we can best be of help to you in your racing efforts or for help in your motorcycle restorations. 

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