Italianiron TT 1000 Build Using TWC TT Racer Kit

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The team here at Italianiron Classics, LLC have begun our first all Two Wheel Classics-UK TT Racer Project with a complete TT 900 chassis kit and complete TT 1 bodywork kit. As this project is our first TWC Racer with a modern Ducati Monster S2R 1000 cc engine, we are using the TWC Ducati TT1 bodywork kit in Silver on Red livery with an Aluminum TT1 style fuel tank. This fuel tank is flat on the bottom to allow for 2 Keihan 41 mm FCR down-draft carburetors to fit. Red Fiberglass covers will fit under the tank to provide a vintage TT2 visual look. 

It is our belief at Italianiron Classics that this use of Vintage Looks and modern components is the future for this style of TT Racer.  It also fits our philosophy which is to take the "heart" and "soul" of the Vintage Ducati racer and upgrade it with superior modern metals like magnesium, titanium and chrome molybdenum as well as superior brakes and suspension internals. We are using a Monster 1000 cc engine for this build as it will generate significant power and will provide great power:weight ratios with an extremely light frame and bodywork. 

Now that the S2R engine is on a stand, the fitment and measuring of clearances begins. As the TWC TT 900 frame is similar in size and configuration as Tony Rutter's world championship racer, it remains very narrow. Therefore, there is not an adequate clearance on the belt side (or right side) of our engine and fins are needing to be trimmed ever so slightly to fit. Additionally, Bill Eley who is our master engine builder, found that the aftermarket belt covers on the top of the Vertical cylinder needs to be removed as there are just millimeters to spare to get everything to fit properly. This is something to consider when getting a Ducati engine with after market bits. A video will be posted shortly to demonstrate more closely what is involved should you wish to purchase TWC kits and do the build yourself. 


These high-quality TWC TT 900 chromemoly frames come in different colors of powder coating but we are going with Ducati Red for this project. We will also be using an aluminum swingarm from a Ducati 900 ss that will mate perfectly to this kit. Be sure to run a tap through all of the threaded holes to make it easier to get all of the bracketry to fit for ease in mounting the bodywork as well as battery tray and catch tanks. 

The bodywork kit from TWC also comes completely painted and with decals applied. The quality of this fiberglass fairing and the paint job is just brilliant. 

The Silver on Red Livery really looks striking on this TT 1 bodywork in my opinion. Yes, it is not Bule on Red or Yellow on Red, but it is ideal for a non-traditional configuration and use on our TT Racer with a modern Ducati engine. 

There are also 3 tail sections available to aide with the fitment of a wider range of riders. A TT Racer is lean and tight but at least someone of my 74" height can fit confidently and comfortably on this bike. More blog posts and videos will be coming to illustrate the uniqueness and brilliant design of these kits. 

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