Italianiron TT 1000 Racer Progresses with Two Wheel Classics-UK Kit

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The team here at Italianiron is really having a good time getting familiar with the TWC or Two Wheel Classics-UK TT 1000 chassis and bodywork kits. As we will be making these kits available here in the Western Hemisphere, it is critical that we understand the "in's and out's" of the build so that we can provide maximum guidance to that enthusiast who wishes to build their own Ducati TT Racer. We will also offer services to build that TT Racer at the customer's request. 

We knew that this TT 1000 Racer build was going to be a "special project" as we are using a large Monster S2R 1000 cc engine and not the more common application of the 900 ss Ducati Supersport engine. However, soon we will have our TT2 Chassis and Bodywork kit in from the UK and it will be interesting to compare the process of the different builds. As our 750 cc Pantah engine is fully rebuilt, it will be interesting to see how quickly we will be able to build and complete the TT 2 Racer. The TT 2 Racer should be easier to complete as there will be no need for additional fabrication.


Simultaneously, the engine for our Pantah 650 Racer, our third project, should be completed in a week or so. Bodywork from TWC will allow us to make our bike look like the Ducati Florence racer like below. There is much going on at Italianiron Classics!!

Now that our 1000 cc Monster engine fits perfectly into our chrome-moly frame, we have drilled the bodywork, mounted the fuel tank and started the wiring. As we will be using Flat Slide Carbs instead of injection, we will require a specialty ECU. In the photo below, it is evident that with a little strategic placement, that there is a great deal of room to mount the Dual-Plug, Dyna Coils and the other electronics that will power this "beast" even with carbs facing each other. 

The flat bottomed TT 1 styled aluminum fuel tank designed and built by Jim at Two Wheel Classics-UK provides for an ingenious use of space under the tank for the electronics and for the carburetors. 

Oil cooler is now mounted, however, we will need to make braided oil lines in this case to fit snugly. For this build we are using much of what came stock with this engine. However, TWC offers brilliant oil cooler kits that connect to billet cam end covers that Jim has been making for decades. There is no limit to what is available to customize your Pantah or modern Supersport from our TWC offerings through 

This 1000 cc engine also uses a modern voltage regulator that powers the Monster S2R but also the modern Ducati Superbikes. However, these modern voltage regulators do historically have problems with heat. After some analysis, the decision was made to bolt the voltage regulator off of the underside of the aluminum battery tray as it is a perfect fit as shown below. 

Additionally, there will be good air flow to control heat and as it is connected to an aluminum battery tray, the aluminum should aide in dissipating the heat. I also like that we are purposefully using the rear subframe for the location of items such as the battery, voltage regulator and for engine case breather box like the original TT Racers!! 

At Italianiron, we like to refine all of the details of our builds. As a personal preference, we like to paint items such as the fairing brackets, battery tray, the engine case breather box and the hoses that connect to it for continuity. This is despite the fact that these items will be covered by the glorious TWC TT 1000  Silver on Red bodywork. This is just an aesthetic choice and illustrates how each builder can put their mark on their own custom build. 


We are using an aluminum swingarm from a modern Ducati 900 ss that fits our Monster engine with a minimum amount of shimming to get the fitment correct. Additionally as I have a S2R swingarm in inventory, it was easy to confirm that our measurements were accurate to get the correct fit. Now it is off to the painters to get the fuel tank to match the rest of the Silver on Red bodywork kit.

Currently we are also getting our Technomagnesio magnesium wheels painted in order to get her up and on her feet. Simultaneously we are rebuilding our 41.7 mm Marzocchi M1R forks from a Ducati 851 that will fit into our TWC billet yokes/triple clamps. Adjustable or fixed billet yoke/triple clamp kits are available from 35 mm and up to 41.7 mm through Italianiron.

We continue to be impressed daily with the quality of these TWC bits. It is also impressive that this project is becoming to look "the business" as a Ducati TT Racer in such a short period of time. More inventory is on the way from TWC in the UK.

We will also offer videos of the individual products as well as a "how-to" series of videos on how to build your own vintage Ducati TT1 or Ducati TT2 as we do have Pantah engines available for sale if needed. Or if you wish to build a Ducati TT 1000 or TT 900 using modern engines but with the vintage look of the Ducati TT racers we offer the TT 900 chrome-moly frames. Additionally, I have also been collecting good Supersport engines for sale or you can acquire your own donor bike. We look forward to hearing from you and sharing a wealth of custom quality bits for your Ducati's. 


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