Italianiron TT 1000 Racer Project with Two Wheel Classics-UK Kit

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Progress continues on our Italianiron TT 1000 Racer with Monster S2R 1000 cc engine. The trellis chrome moly frame from Two Wheel Classics is so light but so strong and almost immediately fit our large modern engine right out of the box. We had to remove the vertical cylinder belt cover backing plate, replace the vertical cam pulley and then shave a small amount of fins from the left side of our Monster engine for the frame to fit. Now the engine fits perfectly in the TT frame. 

I am really pleased with the quality of the Two Wheel Classics-UK frame as it fits precisely and snugly while maintaining that narrow, distinctive Ducati TT profile. Compact and purposeful only begins to describe this special combination of a very light weight, vintage-styled frame with a "beastly" modern 2 valve engine. Photo shows backing plate removed from vertical cylinder belt cover and Bill's artistic placement of the aftermarket piece connected to the period style belt cover. We strive for artistic as well as technical excellence when we work on our projects.

Now that the engine has been "gone-through", we can now work on making a wiring loom/harness for this bike as we will not have a headlamp or taillight and it will run large flat slide down-draft carburetors instead of injection. For numerous reasons, we will be making our own loom. However, wiring harnesses/looms are available from Two Wheel Classics-UK. We are also using Dyna dual plug coils for this project which will help to maximize the efficiency of space under our aluminum TT1 style fuel tank while maintaining a strong spark for big detonation. 


Every item in this kit fits purposefully. Two Wheel Classics-UK have been making TT Racer Chassis and complete bodywork kits for decades. The quality of the products is obvious when in-hand and the placement of all components is never in doubt. The TT1 inspired fuel tank in aluminum has a flat bottom to allow for carbureation between the cylinders. The red fiberglass covers snugly fit the frame and fit under the fuel tank to offer more space for placement of electrical components while providing the distinctive vintage Ducati TT look.


Wiring from the battery tray to engine ground, to the starter solenoid and to the starter has begun but we can only do so much until we receive the electronic management unit from Australia. Once we have that, we will be able to locate coils and regulator and other bits to make this "monster" TT 1000 pull hard at the

track!! Fairing brackets are mounted and once we get our TT 1000 "up and on her feet", we will be able to cloth her in this magnificent Silver on Red Ducati TT livery from Two Wheel Classics-UK. It has been a great deal of fun working on this project but then we will need to take a break and to finish up the Pantah 650 Racer Project. Then more frame kits will arrive for the TT1 and TT2 builds. 

Our master mechanic, Bill painted the clutch pressure plate, cam pulley covers and the tank side panels in red caliper paint that is a perfect match to our powder-coated TT frame. To take on a project like this, we all definitely need to have fun and to make our individual contributions to the end result.




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