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Happy New Year!! It is amazing that another year has passed by again. However, 2019 was another successful year for us and I wish to thank all of our Italian Iron Classics, LLC customers, vendors and associates. 2020 is already taking shape to be an even more significant production year. Our passions and focus remain on vintage Ducati racers and additionally now with Norton motorcycles. Further, we are currently tooling for the manufacturing of many of our TT racer products here in the US. 


It really took the break due to the holiday season to look back on our productivity as Italianiron remains for me a "retirement business!" Completed Custom Projects for 2019 are: Ducati 650 Pantah Racer, Biggelaar-Italianiron joint project of our Bii-Rad Cafe Racer, a TT 1000 racer (now made streetable) and a TT 1 racer that is also equipped for both track and street. It is my belief that the appeal of what we have to offer is that we are offering Ducati motorcycles with the "soul" and aesthetic of a vintage bike but with modern, upgraded components. Obviously, there are safety benefits to a smaller capacity and lighter "Superbike" that is also one's own "custom" build!!


Our Pantah 650 Racer was our effort to recreate a racer that we found when my wife and I (by mistake) took the wrong street driving in Florence, Italy. We ended up in a commercial area where we discovered Ducati of Firense and our inspiriation!! I am very smitten with these early raucus, belt driven Ducati racers and believe that my efforts with this build to be a successful tribute to these Taglioni inspired racers. This effort has also opened up our working through Two Wheel Classics-UK to build larger capacity TT racers such as our TT 1000 with modern Ducati engines and components.

Our TT 1000 is an absolute "blast" to ride. As this Monster 1000 cc S2R engine has loads of torque and mounted in our chrome-moly TT frame with fiberglass bodywork, we believe that we have created a racer for the street with a very potent Power:Weight ratio. Our aluminum fuel tank and Technomagnesio wheels adds to the success that we have achieved in shaving 50 pounds-plus of weight off of a stock unit. Let us "Fuel Your Race Passions" with one of our Italianiron TT racer kits and with a donor bike of your choosing!! Who really needs 200 bhp on the street when you can have as much fun or more with one of our kits!! 

In 2019, we completed a TT 1 that uses a Cagiva Elephant 750 cc race prepped engine. I have really come to love the Blue on Red livery. Bottom end is "F1" but we are using 750 Desmo jugs and heads that are dual-plugged, flowed and with 13:1 high compression pistons. This 750 cc TT1 will definately "get you to church on time!!" I am waiting on one of our new aluminum fuel tanks to get this TT 1 out on the street and then to the track. Yes, we have a new vendor that will be making the "deep sump" TT 2 , TT1 and F1 fuel tanks as well as our shallow sump TT 900 fuel tanks for modern engines. FYI, we will be offering shortly,  Pantah style rear cylinders for modern Ducati engines that will accept a carb off of the rear of the cylinder head. Stay tuned!!

2019 was also a year for our indepth research and development of the SmartCarb flat-slide carbs made here in the US by Technology Elevated as one of their US dealers. Through our research, we have been able to create a winning formula for all of our racers and are converting all of them with our SmartCarbs to include injected Ducati racers. Our dyno runs as communicated through my Blog Posts have demonstrated the superiority of our SmartCarbs over other brands and over fuel injection as a very unique value proposition. Please find 10 plus blog posts here that I have written in conjunction with the factory on our SmartCarbs to learn more. 

It is not hyperbole that SmarCarbs are the new "smart"technology. The science and technology of the SmartCarb fuel system is leading the way to a new market of “Smart Carburetion” systems. Come and experience the "pinnacle of carburetor technology at and Technology Elevated.

We were also able to have joined Jim Blomley, the founder and principal of Two Wheel Classics-UK this year at the Stafford International Motorcycle Show in England. It was wonderful to meet many famous racers such as Malcolme Wheeler and Charlie Williams as well as other vintage motorcycle enthusiasts. Shown above is the famous tuner and engineer, Pat Slinn in front of the old Two Wheel Classics-UK shop amidst some of the racers like what he made famous with rider Tony Rutter. These significant accomplishments with Mr. Rutter followed Pat's other world famous successes when working with the also legendary, Mike Hailwood!!


It was wonderful to meet Malcolme Wheeler and his TT racer that he had only recently reunited with and sporting MotoCinelli colours!! What a treat! Following the Stafford Show, we were also able to attend the World Superbike races  in July 2019 at the world famous American racetrack at Laguna Seca as a vendor. We were able to show our TT 2 racer, TT 1000 racer and our almost completed TT 1. It truly was awe inspiring to be on such "hallowed" ground at the Laguna Seca racetrack and to meet so many wonderful enthusiasts and Ducatisti!!


We are also very excited at the purchase of Two Wheel Classics-UK by Molnar Precision, LTD (Molnar Manx) in Preston, UK. After traveling to the Molnar facilty in Preston on my last trip to the UK, I left exremely confident of the massive improvement in manufacturing of the TWC inventory as well as allowing us to participate our BritIron operation in pursuit of building Norton Commando racers and race-reps. Quality and precision will be core to the new TWC offerings as well as reliable delivery times!!


2020 holds a number of builds for us. Currently, we are converting a Ducati 851 for a customer into a custom Corse 888 styled bike to customer's specifcations. Additionally, we will be restoring a John Player Norton and a Paul Dunstall Norton while simultaneously building a TT 1100 and TT 900 racers which are the bikes currently in the queue. Best wishes to all for a very Happy, Safe and Productive 2020 from the team here at Italianiron and BritIron Classics!!




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