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It has been said that at BritIron & Italianiron Classics, let us "Fuel Your Race Passions" is not just a slogan but a commitment, whether you are building a vintage TT racer for competition, a Ducati F1 vintage street bike or a classic Manx or Norton Commando racer. As a result, we are focused on and primarily committed to supporting the sport of Vintage Motorcycle Racing worldwide. Maintaining a quality offering is our most important goal. Our race spec items are race tested for quality, for assurance of structural integrity, for performance, for light weight, and for reliability. We also strive to maintain a "race team mindset" where we preserve the core of the machine but work to enhance performance and safety through the advances in available modern technology. As a result, we are extremely excited to offer 6 and 4 speed gearboxes for the Norton Manx racers in addition to Norton Commando racers and streetbikes and manufactured for us by TTI. They have been providing racing gearboxes for the Molnar Manx racers over the past 10 years and with stellar results. Shown below is a Magnesium example of the 6 Speed Racing Gearbox for Manx racers.

We are very excited to offer this LW55 (light weight) 6 Speed Magnesium Gearbox as shown above for the 500 cc and 350 cc Molnar Manx racers. These gearboxes have used for the past 10 years without a single failure!! All of the TTI gearboxes are manufactured in New ZealandBruce and the TTI team use a modern drum selector mechanism for a positive change with reduced pedal travel, stronger shafts & bigger bearings. We consider them the ulitmate gearbox for up to around 75 BHP or 50 FT LB. Power delivery beyond that, we recommend that you should consider the HD variants. The LW55 is not available with a kickstart. As a Manx racer, the Manx mainshaft length is only available in the magnesium shell. There is an option for lever direction. Please understand that these gearboxes are built to your specifications.

For pre-1957 Manx racers, we offer the 4 Speed Gearbox as shown above.  They too are manufactured in New Zealand by Bruce company, TTI and have been run successfully in 10years of racing by the Molnar Manx race team without even one gearbox failure!! These TTI gearboxes use a modern drum selector mechanism for a positive change with reduced pedal travel, stronger shafts & bigger bearings. These TTI Laid Down gearboxes are an exact replica of the Norton Manx pre 1957 "Laid Down" box and were developed by TTI in conjunction with TGA/Molnar Precison LTD with modernized internals. The only deviation from original is that the gearchange shaft diameter is the same as the later AMC boxes instead of the bigger diameter spline found on the original versions for which there are currently no levers available.

We are also very excited to offer 6, 5 and 4 Speed Gearboxes for Norton Commando racers and street machines as shown above and as discussed in my 12 Feb 23 blog post. The interest in Vintage Motorcycle Racing continues to grow with great passion and participation by racers across the world. This fact is also been very relevant as it relates to Norton Commando racers as well and TTI gearboxes are available to support those who wish to have greater performance from their Commando. We are often asked about options like the use of a "taller" 1st gear to give a closer ratio gearbox. In our experience, a taller 1st gear makes it more difficult to get off of the line and as a result, we recommend our 1st gear as it is closer to the standard Norton road gearing. Additionally, we are very honoured to work with the engineers and racers at Molnar Manx in Preston, England. Shown below is an article in Classic Racer magazine, an international standard, on what it takes to be an expert in your field and on the racetrack!! We would definitely recommend getting a copy or a subscription


In addition to our product portfolio for TT and other Ducati racers, we are also excited to support enthusiasts for Norton Manx and Norton Commando racers through Molnar Manx and BritIron Classics Norton. Check out our Norvil fairings & windscreen offerings. Please review the numerous newly manufactured TTDucati F1 and Norton Commando items such as our aluminum fuel tanks, for example, and listed on my website. British marques are listed on the Britiron or Manx section of the website. As a result of our offerings, it is our hope to help you to become immersed in the history, the passion and the early technology of these amazing machines. Let us "Fuel Your Race Passions" to keep the sport of Vintage Motorcycle Racing alive and well!!

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  • Interesting article ; would your four-speed laid down gearbox be suitable for my 1950 Norton ES2 , it is a plunger frame model ?
    ….and some indication of price and delivery please
    Many thanks , Neil Peters

    Neil Peters on

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