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At Italian Iron Classics, LLC, we are extremely excited to be working with Jim and Carol Blomley and their team at Two Wheel Classics-UK. Jim and I have been discussing our mutual interests and philosophies with regard to vintage Ducati race bikes, bike builds and and the appeal of the Ducati TT1, TT2 and the Ducati F1 for quite some time. Due to our mutual enthusiasm for the Ducati brand and for racing Ducati's in particular, it was a natural result that we decide to work together. We will be offering the proven and exceptional quality items from Two Wheel Classics, to the US and Canadian marketplaces. I have truly found my "Jerusalem" in "Englands green and pleasant pastures seen" near Manchester, England!! (paraphrasing William Blake)

The F1 and TT Racers were the natural progression and evolution of Dr. Taglioni's "L" Twin engine layout and the "Pantah" Belt Driven, Desmo Twin was the power plant for these formidable racers. They had to be light and build power quickly in an attempt to keep pace with the Japanese multi's and 2-stroke engines. The best in "Power-to-Weight" ratios was what the Ducati factory worked to achieve with these machines. At Two Wheels Classics this effort continues to advance those ratios with still greater strength and weight reduction achieved through the use of modern chrome moly, magnesium and titanium. World Champion, Tony Rutter featured below on his TT1:


Jim and his team at Two Wheel Classics have been building high quality Verlicchi  replica Frames & Swingarms for the Ducati TT, Pantah and F1 racers for years. Currently, the frames are made in the UK of the highest quality chrome molybdenum.

As is the tradition in Italy, the beauty of the design of these racers is iconic and so gloriously Italian. In my opinion, the color of the yellow on red on this purpose built TT2 bodywork makes for one of the most stunning motorcycles ever built.

All of the bodywork is available for these racers at TWC and I can attest to the high quality of these items as I have been a customer of Jim's for years as well. The bodywork is also made in the UK with only the finest quality fibreglass matting versus the inferior chopped strand type. TT Bodywork can be shipped painted in Yellow on Red, Blue on Red and the new Silver on Red which is glorious as well!!

I wish that I had found Jim and TWC before I bought this other F1 style frame with its particular configuration as the quality of the Two Wheel Classics-UK items are far superior to what I had sourced. Further, this was a new undertaking and I made countless mistakes throughout the process of this build. I even had to have a custom seat made for big money. Had I known that Two Wheel Classics has seats and painted bodywork kits, life would have been so much more simple! However, I learned a lot from this build and was happy with the ultimate result.

It would have been so much better to have purchased a proven chassis and a complete bodywork kit from Two Wheel Classics as it would have shaved months of "trial and error". I was ultimately happy with the final result, however, seeing a Two Wheel Classics TT2 up close, there was really no comparison. See below a few of the Two Wheel Classics racers that I photographed on the showroom floor when I visited earlier in the month. Just stunning!!

Whereas I had to source and adapt items like clip-ons, rear sets and mounting hardware to work, Jim has been designing and producing high quality billet, magnesium and anodized items to provide the complete package for his customers. Additionally, I had to source decals but TWC offers them in the kit for customers. Titanium exhausts have been designed, produced and offered by TWC. In talking with Jim yesterday, he was discussing TWC offering TT2 style rear swingarms that can also be used on the TT1, TT2 and TT 900 racers. Stay tuned as we announce more unique and professional grade Two Wheel Classics performance parts to improve your vintage or "near-modern" Ducati racer or street bike.

Billet yokes/triple clamps are available with and without adjustability. 


High quality billet catch-tanks and battery trays are in stock and ready to bolt on!! Two Wheel Classics has also been a dealer for Marvic Wheels to complete that racer project of yours or to bring out the "bling" of your vintage street bike.

At Italian Iron Classics, LLC we will be able to offer the complete portfolio of all of these stellar custom built items from Two Wheel Classics. Additionally, I just purchased a sea container of vintage Ducati belt drive engines and spare parts from Biggelaar Performance in Holland. As a result, we will also be able to offer Pantah, F1 and Alazzurra engines, as well as heads and barrels for your "Pantah- based" project where the carbs mount off of the rear of each head like a bevel drive Ducati. In this way, you can buy and complete a real Ducati TT1, TT2 or Pantah racer

I will be building 3 Two Wheel Classics racers and will begin with a 650 Pantah racer that I had begun before Jim and I "inked" our working relationship. My plan is to make a video of the build using TWC bodywork kits and the many custom billet "goodies". Then Build #2 will be a TT2 using a TWC complete chassis and bodywork kits and finally Build #3 will be the TT 900 where we use modern Super Sport engines in a very up-graded TT chassis and with the Silver on Red bodywork kit. Much more to share in future blogs about the TT 900 which is exciting and the future of these TT racer projects.

Happy Holidays from Italian Iron Classics, LLC based in the Sonoran Desert of Arizona USA!!









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