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At Italian Iron Classics, LLC we continue to be very excited about what we see as the significant technical upgrades that will be provided to the Two Wheel Classics TT inventory and offerings through the acquisition of TWC by Molnar Precision LTD. TWC has been known as offering spare parts for the Ducati TT racers. These items are copies of the Tony Rutter world championship winning Ducati racers. After traveling to the Molnar facilty in Preston on my last trip to the UK, I left exremely confident of the massive improvement in manufacturing of the TWC inventory as well as allowing us to participate our BritIron operation in pursuit of building Norton Commando racers and race-reps. Quality and precision will be core to the new TWC offerings as well as reliable delivery times!!

Our enthusiasm for the acquisition of Two Wheel Classics-UK by Molnar Precision LTD can be best understood in the featured article about the Molnar Manx Norton in the current issue of Classic Racer #201, titled "State of the Art". This is a world class magazine and if you do not have a copy, I would highly recommend getting a copy or a subscription. The article provides a very good insight into what it takes to make a Classic TT race bike. In the case of the Molnar Manx, it is a custom, hand built racer. We are confident that Andy Molnar's acute attention to detail that made MPL the state of the art manufacturer of these classic single cylinder Manx racers will be applied to the significant upgrading and quality of the TWC/Ducati spares inventory. 

The entire Two Wheel Classics inventory will be getting technical upgrades and enhancements so that the parts offered will be of the highest quality. Shown below is an example of the newly manufactured TT 2 fuel tanks with shallow sump for use with modern Ducati engines where the carbs face each other between the cylinder heads. Deep sump TT 2, TT 1, and F1 fuel tanks will also be available for the Pantah based Ducati engines in aluminum. 

The emphsis for our Italianiron customers will be for us to continue to focus on offering aluminum fuel tanks due to the negative effects of ethanol in fuels as found in Europe, the UK and the US. In the US, for example, I have found that ethanol levels here are double the levels in Europe or over 10%. As a result, I use race gas with all of my fiberglass fuel tanks and have had no issue. However, it does limit the safety range of using my bikes with these fiberglass fuel tanks on a Ducati club street ride as race gas is not necessarily avaialble at every fuel station if a "top-up" of fuel is necessary. Seen below is our TT1 and F1 style fiberglass shallow sump fuel tank for our modern race bikes. 

Newly redesigned and available are our 38 mm billet aluminum Yokes/Triple Clamps and done to Andy Molnar's exacting specifications. When redesigning the yokes, the focus was on more balance and structural integrity and we feel that this re-configuration has achieved that. All fasterners fit more effectively into the "meat" of the yoke which we feel was also needed. Due to the poplarity of the Marzzochi M1R forks, we will continue to offer these new yokes for the 41.7 mm, 38 mm and 35 mm forks. This will be a nice compliment to the race designed cartridge kit available for the 41.7 mm forks. If you need a cartidge kit for 38 and 35 mm forks, please send an e-mail as we have the abiilty to make those kits. 


Shown below are the different components that will be made available from MPL/Two Wheel Classics-UK. Please advise as to your specifications and applications. Let us "Fuel Your Racing Passions" at!! Our fully adjustable yokes/triple clamps will also be available for those racers looking for the best set-up for their racer. Our plan is provide the Adjustable Yokes/Triple Clamps for the 41.7 mm and 38 mm forks currently. Please note that the kit below does not include steering head bearings. However, those steering head bearings are available for purchase. 

We will continue to offer our TT 1000 frames for the modern Ducati engines and TT 2 frames for the Pantah based engines. In addition, Molnar Precision will be developing a 750 F1 frame with cantilever design. Further, 750 F1 heads where the carb mounts from the rear of the vertical cylinder head will soon be available. This is in addition to bushing kits that will allow us to convert 750 Paso and 750 ss engines for use with our TT 1 frame and swingarm that, like our TT 2 frames, will accept the Pantah based engines. Stay tuned!! 

We do understand that shipping fees for international shipments are always a prime consideration when making a purchase. In working together, it is our value statement to always work to offer the highest quality items, at a fair price and with the minimum delivery time. Further, we continue to offer extremely competitive pricing for our international customers due to the contracts that we have acquired with all of the major shipping services and freight forwarders. Please see my blog post that I wrote on "International Shipping Update" posted on 30 April 19 for additional information.

As a fan of racing greats like Peter Williams and the Unapproachable Norton racers, we are very excited to work again with Norton motorcycles. I have recently purchased a load of Norton spare parts from a shop here in the US and will soon have these bits listed for sale. Please be patient as we get through all of the boxes. It is exciting to be able to be active with our BritIron racer projects in addition to our numerous Ducati TT racer projects. As always, we welcome all inquiries into our Ducati TT spare parts offerings at, of mobile 520-730-7576 (international calling through WhatsApp). 

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