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Posted by Scot Wilson on

In today's competitive E-Commerce landscape it is difficult to be found on the internet, much less to create a following. However, E-Commerce is the future over the brick and mortar store front. So how can we best create a vision of value to you the buyer?

Since 2000, Ebay was the safe place to find quality items with some protections against fraud or "bad-faith" transactions. Ebay has done a good job as being the original E-Commerce marketplace for those illusive Ducati spare parts. In my opinion, their Feedback rating system has been an effective means of protecting the buyer from a less than savory sort of seller. I have worked hard to maintain a 100% positive feedback rating over these 17 years and over 1000 transactions. 

In today's world, I have become more disappointed with Ebay. Between PayPal and Ebay who are integrally linked together despite their contention to the contrary, their combined fee structure costs the seller from 15-20% on average. Whether known or not, Ebay also charges their base 10% fee on your shipping costs as well, which I contend is unconscionable. Further, with their buyer protection efforts, though well intended, it is often detriment to the seller as the Seller is usually "Guilty till Proven Innocent" I am told. 

Why is this bad if it does not effect you? It means that sellers have to raise their prices in order to maintain a reasonable cost of goods and maintain reasonable margins. Shipping and handling fees are being added more regularly I am finding and in an attempt to offset these excessive Ebay/PayPal fees.

The Ebay Shipping quoter has been historically a revenue confiscator for Ebay to the detriment of both customer and seller. With their supposed discounts, I cannot figure out how their shipping costs are often so far removed from reality. I have lost international sales due to ridiculous shipping charges being communicated by the Ebay shipping quoter. So where does this put us?

I have a website that now is being hosted by Shopify, Their costs are reasonable and their customer service for buyer and seller is exceptional. As such, I now offer the same spare parts on my website at a discount from what I have the same item listed for on Ebay. PayPal is still available as well as numerous other payment options through my website. Shipping calculator has just been added where I can add my DHL and FedEx apps with my discounts to the USPS rates. 

As I have worked in the shipping world, I know how to package items for safe, cost effective shipping. In this way we are working hard to create that Win:Win buying experience where you can purchase that illusive spare part without having to go into debt to pay for it and the corresponding shipping charges. Thrasos is our shipping comany.

In summary, I still use the "Make An Offer" feature on both my website as well as on my Ebay listings. I try my best to list items competitively. However, sometimes i miss the mark and will accept that offer that best represents what a Willing Buyer and Seller have come to terms about. This Italian Iron Classics, LLC business is a restoration and spare parts business that I plan to maintain as my means to semi-retirement. Please follow us as we work on additional restorations, builds and as we find more illusive spare parts for Italian motorcycles. 

If you have any suggestions or critiques, I am always open to getting better. 

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  • Glad I found your site, can see this will be the avenue to do business for win win for us both



    Danny on
  • Nicely explained Scot. I was unaware of much of that info.



    tony hannagan on

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