Marvic 17" Magnesium Wheel Set Ducati 851 Racer, Ducati F1 & Ducati TT Racers

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For purchase is a Used set of Marvic Magnesium Race Wheels that came from a Ducati 851 Racebike. Currently in white but I am going to have them painted gold in the near future. This Magnesium wheel set came in an inventory of Ducati spare parts from Europe. This Wheel Set does include all rotors and sprocket carrier. These Marvics will work on a Ducati 888/851 but can work with the Ducati TT and F1 machines as well. However, confirm your fitment with your local Ducati dealer or race shop to confirm your application. 

I do ship internationally and share my deep discounts with DHL and FedEx. Take this opportunity to pick up a good set of Magnesium Wheels as a replacement or as a spare