Ducati 1000 GT & Sport GT, NOS, OEM Wiring Loom/Harness

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Available is a NOS Ducati Wiring Loom. Harness for the 1000 GT and Sport GT. The wiring loom has been on a shelf at the local Ducati dealer for the last few years. As he is retiring, I picked up some nice items that I can offer for a fraction of retail. This very massive & complex loom retailed for over $1100 US. Take this opportunity to upgrade your Ducati 1000 with a new loom or have as a spare. Please know that we offer the feature to take offers on bits should you think that my pricing is not within range. 

Further, for those international customers, please feel free to take advantage of the significant discounts that I get on international shipments. DHL is one of the world's most reliable carriers and such my customers and I feel comfortable about insuring for the smallest amount possible or not at all. This obviously has an effect on VAT. 

Do contact me with questions or rate inquiries.