Ducati 996 rs Corse Racer Project

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For purchase is one of three Ducati 996 rs racebikes that I have been fortunate to own. However, as I age, the power delivery from a Ducati Corse Superbike is pushing my limits and especially as I have been having fun with lower displacement Ducati TT racers as the main focus of my business. The last Ducati 996 rs Superbike that I sold was one of the 2001 Reve RedBull British Superbike Championship winning bikes ridden by John Reynolds that was also used in the 2002 British Superbike Championship when Sean Emmett was the lead rider at IFC Ducati. This 996 rs has run one track event since the engine was originally built for me by Toine vanden Biggelaar, master engine builder of a third generation Ducati dealership in The Netherlands. The engine has the Corse wiring loom with Magnetti Marelli dash. I purchased this magnesium RS  swingarm from Tom Irvine (friend and RS expert) in London, UK and I elected to go with the smaller axle as it offers more wheel options. Front fairing bracket, RS fuel tank with carbon fuel cap, RS multiple piece airbox, and engine case breather are MS Production race items. Note that I have all of the unobtanium Corse hardware to mount the RS fuel tank to the RS airbox.

I am embarrassed to admit that there is only one track event on this completely rebuilt engine. This Ducati 996 rs engine was built to Toine's "recipe" that has proven very successful at the race track. Engine cases, barrels and heads are all 996 rs. However Toine has had better success using the Ducati factory 916 Racing formula using a 996 sps crank and titanium rods. Valves are titanium 37 mm and 31 mm. Inlet cam is 471 and exhaust cam is from a 748 rs. Engine has the Ducati Corse Lightened Component kit with lightened RS gearbox, flywheel, shifter forks and titanium bolts inside and out of the engine cases. This set-up works well with a complete RS wiring loom and shower injection system. Engine was a breeze to set up and runs well without needing to be constantly operating at max rpm. Toine is available to comment on the engine build as necessary. 

This Ducati 996 rs has a magnesium swingarm that we painted black like the Reve RedBull racers, 57 mm complete Termi system with carbon straps, aluminum RS rear subframe, (pre 998) 996 rs MS carbon fiber fuel tank with carbon fuel cap & all hardware to connect to the MS carbon fiber airbox with extender piece to the steering head, MS Production engine case breather box, set of 5 spoke magnesium wheels, Ducati 998 rs rear sets, and many other sought after RS bits. The current plan is to sell this near complete 996 rs project or if my price is not met then I will part everything out. 

I am including an Ohlins set of forks and yokes from a Panigale. These forks had the electronic internal components and they are now disassembled as I was going to rebuild with non-electronic cartridges. Used side panels and belly pan are carbon fiber but the front cowling and seat base are fiberglass. This racer was a completely running machine before I used the Reve RedBull Corse frame with the 996 rs engine from the team that we found. Many specialty items included and will be happy to talk or email directly about this RS machine. 

I am happy to accept reasonable offers on this RS project. There are so many details to this build so it makes the most sense to communicate before closure on a purchase. Email is Italianiron7@gmail.com and my cell phone is 520-730-7576 that is reachable internationally through What's App. If the entire project does not sell, then I will part it out and list items separately.