Ducati TT 1000 Racer for Track or Road-Updated

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For purchase is our Ducati TT 1000 Racer with 1000 cc Monster S2R DS engine in our Ducati TT 1000 Chrome-moly replica frame. We have wired this bike for operation on the road with a set of Hello Dual Headlamps, LED rear taillight, side stand and a SpeedHut Dual Speedo/Tacho gauge. Shaved 50 lbs off of a stock Monster S2R which is not an overly heavy bike in its own right. However, accomplished this huge amount of improvement in Power:Weight Ratios with our chrome-moly TT 1000 frame, 17" Technomagnesio magnesium wheels, fiberglass bodywork, aluminum fuel tank and specialty aluminum bits. We also used a stock Ducati aluminum swingarm which is a great piece of functional artwork.  

As dealers for SmartCarb flat-slides we, of course, used a set of 36 mm SC's to match the 35 mm inlets that creates great velocity of the fuel mixture. We have taken our racer to the dyno and it demonstrated seamless, consistent power up the rev range. Our time on the dyno proved that there is no need for fuel injection to get the significant performance out of this engine! Adding to our engine performance is our Stainless Quill 2:1 exhaust system. 

Suspension consists of rebuilt 41.7 mm Marzocchi M1R's held by our billet  yokes/triple clamps and our YSS rear mono-shock. Many speciality items for this build and the evolution of our build can be found in greater detail on my Scot P Wilson Facebook page, album Ducati TT 1000 Racer Project. However, if you require additional photos or answers to technical questions, please contact me at italianiron@msn.com or call: 520-730-7576.