Ducati Bevel Drive "Imola" Fuel Tank

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For purchase is an "Imola" Endurance Style #1 Fuel Tank with 22 liter capacity for your Bevel Drive Ducati Twin. Item is fiberglass and made in the UK by TGA/Molnar Precision LTD with sight-glass and coated internally to protect against the effects of modern fuels. Comes complete with standard filler cap and is unpainted. 

If you order together, the cost of an Aero Fuel cap is only $68 more. We batch ship to reduce the net cost of shipping to each customer.

Fitment on these Ducati Bevel Drive models: 1985 MHR 1000, 1971-73 GT 750, 1973-1974 Sport 750, 1974-1977 Super Sport 750, 1979-1983 MHR 900 and 1975 -1978 SS 900. 

There is also an Imola Endurance Style #2 Fuel Tank with 17 liter capacity or the Standard Imola Fuel Tank with 18 liter capacity. Please contact me for details and to confirm your fitment application. 

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