Ducati TT 2 Full Fairing

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For purchase is our TT 2 Fairing Kit for use on your TT racer or street bike. We do offer the top fairing of our TT racer with our sculptured fairing kit for use with LED headlamps at an extra cost of $50. Our goal is to assist you in maximizing the enjoyment of your bike whether as your track day "weapon" or as a spirited but legal road bike. I have shown how this TT 2 fairing kit looks on my TT 1 that I recently built. 

Please know that we sell these items in for an unpainted item and exchange rates can effect the final price. We have all of the bits to assist you in making the TT racer of your dreams. Do confirm whether you want the race upper fairing or the road upper fairing for use with headlamps. 

We do ship internationally and share our deep discounts with all of the major shipping services.