Ducati Scitsu Classic Racing Tachometer/Rev Counters

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Two Wheel Classics-UK is an official Distributor for Scitsu and now Italian Iron Classics, LLC will be able to offer these favored instruments for the US and Canadian marketplaces. These high quality Tachometer/Rev Counters are recognized worldwide for their reliability and are made in the UK with special designs just for TWC. Standard Internal rechargeable battery is included. 

These instruments are designed to work on Ducati Twins. Please send an e-mail if you are unclear of your fitment. The Tacho is supplied with everything required to mount and use. There is a mounting bracket, AV set, dummy plug and charging lead for internal battery types. Currently, please go on to the Two Wheel Classics UK website to view the Information Sheet for which type of code you will need for your particular application. There is a Bike Info box where you can do further research in confirming your application. However, we stand ready to be of service in answering any questions as there are 3 different models to choose from. 

Black Face Tachometer with Vintage Ducati emblem is $230

White Face Tachometer with Vintage Ducati emblem is $216

Black Face Classic Tachometer without Emblem is       $206

Please find mounting instructions that are available to be down-loaded off of the TWC-UK site as well. Price does not include shipping but we have crates traveling regularly. Sorry but Make an Offer feature is not available on TWC items.