Aluminum Billet Yokes/Triple Clamps for 53 mm Superbike Forks

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We wish to announce that we are starting to offer our billet aluminum Yokes/Triple Clamps for use with our TT frames and modern Superbike  53 mm forks, in addition to our other popular billet aluminum fixed and adjustable yokes/triple clamps for standard forks such as Marzocchi M1R's used on our TT racers and other applications as well as other fork set ups. I will be using one of these sets of yokes on our new TT 1100 build that is just beginning. We are getting a great number of customers asking for our yokes/triple clamps for use with modern Superbike forks here in the US. As such they will made in batches and upon order. The 53 mm set is 590 GBP and the 43 mm set are 550 GBP. Contact me at to discuss your design and fitment requirements.

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