DMD Streamliner "Dustbin" Fairing

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We also work hard to offer unique items from racing's history. For purchase is our copy of the famous DMD Streamliner "Dustbin" fairing from the 1960’s for 420 GBP. Our Dustbin fairing will fit most machines whether solo or sidecar. However, we do not currently offer mounting brackets for this item and any purchaser needs to have the requisite skills to make their own brackets. Also due to the size of this fairing, shipping can be a major consideration. Approximate sizes are: Length overall: 119cm, Width at widest: 60cm, Bottom to highest point: 72cm. However, if you want your restoration project to be correct, then it is always worth the extra effort and we will work hard with our shipping partners to find the most cost effective shipping rates available worldwide. 

We do ship internationally and share our deep discounts with all of the major shipping services.