Ducati 750 GT Bevel Drive Fuel Tank

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The second Ducati 750 cc Bevel Drive that I purchased to restore back in the 1990's came in the striking Gold & Black livery. Today, the "Round Case" 750 GT's demand premium pricing if one is to be found. In an effort to assist my fellow Bevel-Heads out there, it is our desire to assist with offering high quality copy of the Ducati 750 cc GT Bevel Drive fuel tank. Our fiberglass fuel tanks are manufactured with special additives in the resin to resist damage from modern pump fuels up to E5. A manufacturer's warranty accompanies the purchase of this tank. However, as mentioned previously, I have had success using ethanol-free 98 octane race fuel that is very cost effective. Our vintage Ducati engines really enjoy good detonation and good performance from these race fuels. There are appropriate petcocks (2 outlets) available as well as a choice of flip top, screw top or aero cap at additional cost. We also stock the appropriate fuel tank mounting straps for purchase. We do offer painting services. Please advise as to your color scheme and we can advise as to price and time frame to complete.

We feel that it is essential that we also discuss what is NOT covered by the Warranty. Those items not covered are as follows:  1) specialist race fuels are not covered 2) the use of fuel additives is prohibited 3) do not use any proprietary internal sealants 4) consequential losses, including painting costs, are not covered. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you "leak-test" tanks before painting to ensure that no damage has occurred since manufacture. Further, paint baking temperatures in excess of 140 degrees Fahrenheit or 60 degrees Centigrade are prohibited. In the event of a claim, the tank must be returned to the UK, shipping paid, for examination. If your claim is accepted the shipping costs will also be refunded. Our stated warranty is provided here to make as clear as possible as to the terms of our Manufacturer's Warranty.

Please know that many of our items are manufactured in offered from the UK, therefore, prices originate in British Pounds Sterling and pricing in US Dollars can fluctuate due to fluctuations in currency values. There is also a shipping cost assessed to your shipping address but we do offer extremely competitive rates. Please know that on our TGA/Molnar Precision LTD items that Make An Offer is NOT available!