Ducati 900 ss TT1 Bevel Drive Racer w Second Engine & More bits

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For purchase is Ducati 900 ss Bevel Drive Racer with spare engine and extra race bits from Denmark. I have known Per, the seller, for many years now and he has shared numerous race bits that he has designed with me to improve my Ducati Bevel Drive racers. Also, Per is a very accomplished vintage motorcycle racer and has proudly carried on the tradition of racing his bevel drive racers in European vintage racing series. Per has elected to stop racing and now he offers the right person the opportunity to pick up a very "sorted" racer with a second Ducati 900 engine as well as many other speciality race items. 

It is my goal to assist Per with getting the word out to the worldwide community of vintage racing as he will be working with potential buyers directly and will also be coordinating the shipment of this special racer internationally. If a US customer is interested, I am sure that we can also assist the buyer and seller with some cost effective shipping and customs import expertise. Please contact Per directly at: per.bay@mail.dk. I am happy to give Per a very solid and positive recommendation as I also know many of the different components that he uses that are made by Ducati Kaemna in Germany as we are one of their US dealers. Please find a list of some of the bits that come with this special Ducati Bevel racer as well as the description of this racer in Per's own words:

This Racer was build regardless of cost, and many thousands of euro´s has been spent, don´t mentioned the hours. The racer complete is for sale because racing for me has stopped. I hope a new person will take this beauty to the tracks where it belongs.

The bike is not tested/set-up on dyno with new ignition from Ignijet. But bike is running perfect, I foresee a better output 

Price complete with spare engine: 20.000 Euro

Ducati 900 NCR replica racer :

Molychrome frame : Kämna

R6 front fork, special one of clamps

Falcon rear shock

ISR flowting dics

Schitsu revcounter

Spoked wheels 18 x 2,75 - 18 x 4,25

Full glassfiber bodywork ( one spare fairing in carbon,not painted, And the mould for the fairing)

Engine SS :

Latest output rear wheel : 92 Bhp don´t have this in print (latest dyno print 87,5 Bhp)

Lightened crank

Carrillo conrods

Mahle 90 mm pistons

Imola cams

Ported heads by Jansberg Denmark

39/43 valves

WeeTwo gearbox

Straight cut primary

Large Oil Pump

Double ignition

Oil flow directly to heads

New Ignijet ignition (all mounted but not yet set-up/tested at dyno ) Earlier run with DMC ignition

Special exhaust (two sets)

New Ignijet ignition

Data listed below is for the second or "Back-Up" race-prepped engine. 


This sale is for the Ducati 900 TT 1 racer only as the second engine and additional spare parts have been sold. If there is a desire to contact me directly about this racer, I can be reached at my Italianiron@msn.com email address.