Ducati F1-R 750 cc Racer

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For Sale is a Ducati F1-R that we built and then sold to the seller. Below is his description: 

For the Ducati connoisseur, this beauty will enhance any collection.  Frame came from British Ducati Frame Builder, Roy Thersby. The bike was built by vintage Ducati guru Scot Wilson as his personal ride.  Scot is the owner of Italian Iron Classics in Tucson, AZ.  I've had the pleasure of owning a couple of Scot Wilson's builds: They are very carefully planned and meticulously executed.

The 750 engine was built by Tom Hull of Tom's Italian Tune and Service of Phoenix to "Pro-Thunder" standards with Carrillo rods, dual spark, lightened internals and all the special bits you'd expect. This donor bike came from Tom's Team Wreckless effort in Pro-Thunder. The engine was moth-balled after a rule change that allowed Ducati 748 Desmoquattro's. This racebike was acquired for this build and has about 1,000 miles on it.  40mm Del Ortos, fork set by Computrack. GP shift but could be changed. The bike was just serviced, all fluids changed, fuel tank cleaned, carbs cleaned and carefully checked over.  It's ready to go.

The bike is street legal, has a clear Massachusetts title and goes like crazy.  Headlights are Hella style as used for endurance racing.  Bar-end turn signals are installed so the bike will pass my state registration inspection.  The paint is as good as it gets and looks as fresh as the day it came from the painter's shop. 

 If you are looking at this bike I don't have to tell you about Ducati TT2's, F1's and F1-R's.  I've had the opportunity to do a (very careful) track day at a Ducati event and the bike get's lots of attention.  If the track's not your thing you could proudly show it at any event and it would draw a crowd and maybe a trophy or two! 

Any technical inquiries can be directed to me at italianiron@msn.com. Any questions for Tom, I can forward to him for comment. Reason for sale is the high cost of college tuition.