Ducati Ignition Cover for Ducati Pantah and Ducati 600 ss, 750 ss & 900 ss Engines

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We are very exited to offer our new Ignition & Aluminum Billet Cover that was designed and developed exclusively for Two Wheel Classics-UK. Item fits Ducati 500, 600 and 650 Pantah engines as well as Ducati 600/750/900 SS engines. 

The ignition will run directly on the end of the crankshaft in its open space away from the oil bath. Single sensor is available for easy timing. This will allow the generator and flywheel to be removed which in turn saves 5 kg of weight and thus enabling the engine to produce maximum power. This ignition itself is state of the art technology. 

Other benefits are: 1) Mag crank input (many toothed wheel configurations) and 2) Coil Outputs for 2 single coils or 2 dual coils for dual plugged heads. 3) Tacho operated, 4) Shift Light operated, 5) Map Switch operated (2 maps), and 6) Quick-Shift Input (pedal or button on bar).

All functions are stationary or live programmable via PC or Laptop while the engine is running. Single CDI ignition ECU as this system is designed to offer increased spark energy at all engine speeds. CAN 2 OB active output to eternal dashboard/logger. Also uses double ended coil for 4 cylinder operation. Anodized Aluminum Cover. 

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