Ducati TT 2 and TT 1 Complete Chassis and Bodywork Kit

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Available from TGA/MPL in the UK is their Verlicchi Replica Ducati TT1 Frame and Swingarm kit made out of chrome molybdenum steel.  Available in your choice of Red or Black powder coating. For $287.72 less, these items can ship without powder coating that you can have applied. 

All that is needed is a Pantah or Alazzura donor bike to start building a Classic Road or Race Replica like the World Champion Tony Rutter bike. Both Frame and Swingarm are available to be sold as separate items as well. 

If you select powder-coated items, please communicate which color of powder coating that you desire or Red will be the default choice. Similarly, if you do not desire powder coating, please communicate that and your invoice will reflect that adjustment.

As these items are made in the UK, they are sold in British Pounds Sterling. Therefore, prices can vary as exchange rates adjust. Shipping from the UK is additional. However, we are working to combine orders on a monthly basis to reduce the net shipping cost per item. We do have all international shipping options available. 

Complete kits are available to include bodywork are also available. Therefore, please direct any questions to the e-mail address on this site and we will be happy to help.