Ducati TT 1 Fuel Tank

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We are pleased to share our next updated fuel tank, our "deep sump" fiberglass TT 1 fuel tank. We have improved the design and have adjusted the position of the filler cap hole further forward than previous versions. With our new TT 1 fuel tank, it arrives with an undersized pilot hole. However, as we are dealers for the Newton aero cap and other manufacturers, we can certainly provide you with all that you would need to complete your fuel tank to your exact specifications. Further, painting services are available at an additional charge and requires the time necessary to complete a quality job.

Our fiberglass TT 1TT 2, and TT 900 fuel tanks are manufactured with special additives in the resin and are warranted against defects and any damage caused by current pump fuels up to E5. We feel that it is essential that we also discuss what is NOT covered by the Warranty. Those items not covered are as follows:  1) specialist race fuels are not covered 2) the use of fuel additives is prohibited 3) do not use any proprietary internal sealants 4) consequential losses, including painting costs, are not covered. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you "leak-test" tanks before painting to ensure that no damage has occurred since manufacture. Further, paint baking temperatures in excess of 140 degrees Fahrenheit or 60 degrees Centigrade are prohibited. In the event of a claim, the tank must be returned to the UK, shipping paid, for examination. If your claim is accepted the shipping costs will also be refunded.