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Ducati TT 1 Fuel Tank

  • $515.00

TT1 Fuel Tank made in fibreglass by Two Wheel Classics-UK and internally coated against modern fuels. Capacity is 22 liters and comes complete with Fuel Tap and standard filler cap. Comes unpainted however, we do have the correct paint codes. Despite the success of our fiberglass items, we will start offering carbon fiber and aluminum options as well. 

You can also save $44 when purchasing an Aero cap with this tank!! Normal price for the Aero Cap is $111. 

Tank is guaranteed for life against Ethanol Degradation. Warranty expressly stipulates that sealant substance such as POR-15, Caswells or like substances cannot be used as they will render the warranty null and void. Do contact me with questions with regard to your application or as it relates to shipping times/rates 

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