Ducati TT 900 "Shallow Sump" Fiberglass Fuel Tank

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Whereas we have great success offering our aluminum TT 900 "shallow sump" fuel thank, we are excited to offer a fiberglass TT 900 "shallow sump" option. Our new TT 900 "shallow sump" fuel tank with fit either one of our TT1, TT2, TT 900 chrome-moly chassis. Our fiberglass fuel tank is manufactured in lightweight fiberglass (glass fibre) composite with an approximate capacity of 3.17 gallons or 12 liters. Our fiberglass TT 900 fuel tank is further manufactured with special additives in the resin to make the tank resistant to damage by modern fuels. It is guaranteed by our limited warranty not to degrade under the effect of ethanol up to E5. A breather is fitted to this tank as a requirement under racing regulations. It is also fitted with two M12 x 1.5 female tap bosses. Do know that we can supply appropriate taps or petcocks. Our TT 900 "shallow sump" fiberglass fuel tank can also be supplied with either no cap (only an 80mm aperture), screw cap or an Aero type cap. Contact me at Italianiron7@gmail.com to discuss your specifications. Item is listed for 430 GBP. 

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