Marvic Streamline Rear Wheel

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For purchase is a 17" Marvic Streamline rear magnesium wheel. In 1983 the Marvic wheel company introduced its first offering to the motorcycling world and the iconic Streamline was born. The Marvic Streamline wheel has a unique design with three hollow spokes and elliptical cross section, and therefore, required a unique casting technique. Manufactured by sand gravity casting using magnesium alloy, this significantly reduces unsprung weight, improving performance and feel throughout your race bike. This wheel includes all required accessories and only weighs 3.8kg. Due to advances in modern technology and manufacturing techniques, the Marvic company has now reintroduced the Streamline wheel with significant improvements in terms of safety and aesthetics. This striking wheel is suitable for any post classic bike for racing, street or show. 

Available sizes are 4.50" x 17" --- 5.00" x 17" --- 5.50" x 17"  ---  6.00" x 17"  ---  6.25" x 17" and available colours are : Gold, Black, White, Silver, Titanium Grey, Marlboro Orange, Red, Blue, and with other colours available upon request. Sprockets & discs are available as well. Please contact me at to discuss sizes, colours, and whether you require a non-standard hub. Items are sold in British Pounds Sterling and please advise as to current pricing due to fluctuations in exchange rates. We work very hard to find very competitive shipping rates to your final destination. Please advise how we can assist fulfilling your needs.