Molnar Manx 500 cc Single Cylinder Engine

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Complete engine to exact 1962 factory design, enhanced in accordance with our standard Manx engine specification. 86mm bore x 85.8mm stroke 500cc, Bevel driven Double over-head cam Single Cylinder.

All parts manufactured to 1962 specification, exactly to Norton Motors original drawings, with a few major enhancements. Every gear, screw, nut, shaft and spacer in a Molnar engine is directly interchangeable with the Bracebridge Street equivalent. Our engines have magnesium crankcases, timing covers & camboxes as the original, cast from the Norton pattern work, CNC machined in house on state of the art 5 axis CNC machines, then re-dichromated for corrosion protection & authentic appearance. Sand cast aluminium cylinder barrel as original with spun cast iron liner. Precision sand cast cylinder heads from original pattern work are 5 axis CNC machined & ported, fitted with hard "Lead free" valve seats, "Colsibro" valve guides and stainless valves. Either coil or original hairpin valve springs are available. All of our Manx engines are enhanced with the ultimate crankshaft assembly, 2kg lighter than standard, manufactured from EN36 forgings, hardened & ground all over, with pressed up 40mm needle roller big end, Carillo Con Rod, lightweight 2 ring Omega piston & nitrided rings. 

Not only is the Molnar Manx engine the most cosmetically accurate available, it is also a consistently top performer. Since it`s debut in 1995, Molnar Manx`s have won more races than everyone else combined. 

Also available is a road spec engine. Enclosed in the original castings, built with an extended crankshaft for an alternator, revised cams and porting & decompressor facility. 

We also offer "Stage 2" tuned 86 bore 500cc engine. The fastest and most reliable available, built to top specification with "bathtub" combustion chamber. 

For larger bore size 500cc engines, including 90mm, 95mm and 4 valve, or 350cc engines of standard 76mm bore or 81mm short stroke, please contact us directly. 

Prices are excluding ignition and carburettor